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Duke University Libraries acquires, preserves, and provides access to materials in digital formats that are essential to the research and teaching missions of Duke University. The Libraries support several digital repositories to address the varying needs of different kinds of materials, and provide services to members of the Duke community (faculty, students, and staff) around these tools and resources.

Focus Areas

The two primary areas for repository services are Library Collections and Duke Scholarship. These are further categorized into the following groups:

Library Collections

  • Digitized collections - Duke Libraries continue to acquire and provide access to unique and important print and multimedia, such as archival and audio and visual materials. These materials are made available in Duke Digital Collections. The Digital Collections program digitizes and preserves many of these materials and makes them easily searchable and openly accessible to all online.
  • Acquired Materials - Duke Libraries licenses or purchases digital materials, including historical newspapers, e-books, data sets, and more. The majority of these collections are available through the Books & Media Catalog and Research Databases, but a small number of collections are available only through the Duke Digital Repository. Some of these collections may be used only by Duke students, faculty, and staff. Please see notes about accessing each collection on the collection’s information page.

Duke Scholarship

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Other Resources

Accessibility Policy - Duke University Libraries is committed to making the materials it provides access to as broadly accessible as possible, and to ensuring that access to its content is consistent with obligations under state and federal disabilities law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Deaccession and DMCA Takedown Policy - Authors/depositors may not on their own withdraw or delete anything they have deposited, and instead must make a request that will be reviewed by relevant library or university staff (for example, library copyright experts, university DMCA agent, deans or other administrators), and acted on as appropriate by repository managers.

Preservation Policy - Duke University Libraries (DUL) and Duke University are committed to the long-term preservation and persistent access to the University’s digital assets curated in the Duke Digital Repositories. Duke University Libraries are committed to the stewardship of these materials into the future.

Repository Services Fact Sheet (for Library staff)