Red Hot


H. DE MARSAN, Songs, Ballads, toy books, 64 Chatham Street, N. Y.

Red Hot.

To my song lend your ear, I’ve got something to say
Of things that are happening every day:
About great speculations in powder and shot
To end this Rebellion which is growing Red Hot.

Now, there’s Sherman in Georgia takes things his own way;
He’ll meet Grant at Richmond, so some people say.
At this head of Rebellion, which to us is a blot.
With his army of vet’rans, he’ll make things Red Hot.

Brave Grant isn’t idle, though papers say so;
He’ll soon give Old Lee his finishing blow,
Jeff Davis feels shakey, while he lies on his cot,
He will wake up some morning and find things Red Hot.

Columbia’s brave tars, who have always proved true
To our Standard of Freedom, the Red, White and Blue!
Under brave Admiral Porter a plan is now sot
To demand Wilmington-City, or they’ll make things Red Hot.

There’s Old Salamander.. our own Farragut.
With a fleet of our Gun-boats, ‘gainst Mobile did butt..
And his victory, at New-Orleans, must not be forgot,
Where the Rebels skedaddled: for, they found him Red Hot.

Dear friends, ere I close, I’ll say one word more:
We’ll soon live in Union, as in days of yore;
We have a bill against England which must not be forgot,
When our army and navy will make things Red Hot.

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