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Spring 2016 -- Issue 29


  • 1,3 Women at Work: the Nuns of the Ripoli Press
  • 1, 2 Profiles in Research: Donna J. Drucker
  • 2 Recent Acquisitions
  • Mary Lily Research Grant Recipients
  • 3 Spring Instruction 
  • Ayun Halliday's "East Village Inky" Joins Zine Collections

Past Issues

  • Issue, 28, Fall 2015: Mab Segrest Papers; Archiving and Researching LGBTQ Lives; Drew Gilpin Faust Remarks; A New Look at Florence Nightingale; Heralding the Way to a New World Exhibit from the Lisa Unger Baskin Collection
  • Issue 27, Spring 2015: Jean Kilbourne Papers; Jeanne Audrey Powers Papers; 2015-16 Mary Lily Grant Awardees; Profiles in Research: Georgina Colby on Kathy Acker; Lisa Unger Baskin Collection
  • Issue 26, Fall 2014: Judy Woodruff Papers; Feminist Pedagogy and Queer Writing Practices; Alix Kates Shulman's Feminist Memoirs; Profiles in Research: Mairead Sullivan
  • Issue 25, Spring 2014: Writing Women at Duke into Wikipedia; Profiles in Research: Lauren Gutterman; Laura Micham Honored with Career Achievement Award; Behind the Scenes with Samantha Crisp; Zine Librarians (un)Conference
  • Issue 24, Fall 2013: Sallie Bingham Center 25th Anniversary; Ipas 40th anniversary; Betsy Gamble Hansen Papers; Profiles in Research: Robin Robinson
  • Issue 23, Spring 2013: Power of This Story: Activism in Durham (Women's Studies Senior Seminar)
  • Issue 22, Fall 2012: Make Your Own History; What Does it Mean to be an Educated Woman E-Book
  • Issue 21, Spring 2012:Ann Snitow Papers; Book Artists' Archives
  • Issue 20, Fall 2011: Merle Hoffman Endowment; Feminist Art at the Nasher
  • Issue 19, Spring 2011: Theresa El-Amin Papers; Profiles in Research: Dorothy Q. Thomas
  • Issue 18, Fall 2010: Dorothy Allison Papers; Ladyslipper Inc. Records
  • Issue 17, Spring 2010: Book + Art Exhibit; Muriel Henderson Papers
  • Issue 16, Fall 2009: Symposium Honoring Jean Fox O'Barr; Pauline Bart Papers; "I Take Up My Pen" Exhibit
  • Issue 15, Spring 2009: Proud Shoes: Pauli Murray's Life and Legacy; Susan Hill, An Uncommon Heroine; 
  • Issue 14, Fall 2008: The Joy of Asking a Good Question (Sara Evans and Margaret Taylor Smith); Primary Documents in the Classroom; Scholar Teas; 20th Anniversary Photos
  • Issue 13, Spring 2008: Bingham Center 20th Anniversary; My Life in Zines; Hands-on Learning in the Classroom
  • Issue 12, Fall 2007: Neither Model Nor Muse Symposium and Exhibits; ARL 75th Anniversary Publication; 30 Years in the Garden (RCWMS); Kentucky Foundation for Women; Mary Margaret Wade; Zines at Girls Rock NC Camp
  • Issue 11, Spring 2007: Minnie Bruce Pratt; Zine Database; Mandy Carter
  • Issue 10, Fall 2006Bitchfest reading and interview with Lisa Jervis; Martha Hodes reads from The Sea Captains Wife; Throw Like a Girl Dramatic Reading
  • Issue 9, Spring 2006: Pink Corset Book and interview with Tamar Stone; Drewey Wayne Gunn Gay Fiction Collection; Prescriptive Literature Database
  • Issue 8, Fall 2005: Generational Feminisms Symposium; Word of a Woman Exhibit; Interview with Jocelyn Olcott; Ladyfest NC; Mary Wager Fisher Papers
  • Issue 7, Spring 2005: Paula Kamen; Bobbye and Viki Ortiz; Feminists of Faith; Women and Electoral Politics Dramatic Reading
  • Issue 6, Summer 2004: Faulkner Fox; Dawn Langley Simmons; Betty McMahan
  • Issue 5, Summer 2003: Abortion Symposium; Irene Peslikis; Mrs. Ruth Finlay; Sisterhood is Forever
  • Issue 4, Winter 2003: Kathy Acker; Takey Crist; Projet Mobilivre/Bookmobile
  • Issue 3, Spring 2002: Robin Morgan; WILPF; Merle Hoffman; Online Collections
  • Issue 2, Fall 2001: Beyond Nancy Drew Exhibit; Anne Firor Scott; Cora and Joseph Harrington Letters; Ladyfet Midwest; Artists' Books by Women
  • Issue 1, Spring 2001: Sarah Dyer Zine Collection; Tolles Family Papers; Kate Millett; A Woman's Place Exhibit