Help Move Duke University Libraries Forward

Over the past decade, the Libraries have undergone a physical and technological transformation, preserving the best of our tradition and history while introducing new spaces and resources for the Duke community. In the process, we've become one of the most popular destinations on campus. Across our libraries, students and faculty from multiple disciplines gather to exchange ideas, explore our collections, participate in cultural events and experiment with innovative tools that enrich teaching and learning.

Support for the Libraries through the Duke Forward campaign will help us advance the University's highest academic priorities. New contributions will allow us to introduce new tools to support scholarly work, expand our collections in strategic ways and digitize more of our unique resources. Duke has built one of the top research library systems in the country. As our prominence and reputation continue to grow, the whole University will benefit.

As part of the University's $3.25-billion capital campaign,  Duke Forward , Duke University Libraries wants to raise money to support five important initiatives:

We are proud of the role we play in the life of Duke University, and we grateful for your continued support.

Give online, by phone (919-660-5856) or by mail: 
Duke University Libraries, Box 90581, Durham, NC 27708