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We advance the research, teaching, and public service mission of Duke University by providing outstanding collections, trusted expertise, and exceptional service in a welcoming and inclusive environment. We are the intellectual crossroads of the university, empowering scholarship and creativity across all fields of inquiry.


We foster research and teaching that define a Duke education, collaborations that contribute to stronger communities, and intellectual explorations that inspire deeper connections with the world.

Our values

  • 1. People are our priority: We see and respect the whole person, adopting people-centered processes and policies. We regularly seek feedback from those around us, then act on it. We approach our daily work with intention, curiosity, and humanity.
  • 2. Access benefits everyone: We support the broadest possible access to information and regard it as a global good. We are a shared space and common resource, inviting all who come through our doors or find us online to discover, learn, and work with us.
  • 3. Trust is earned: In a world of disinformation and distortion, we provide reliable information, sound research, and expert guidance. We act with openness and integrity, and we honor the trust placed in us as custodians of knowledge and history.
  • 4. Diversity and inclusion strengthen us: We rely on diverse experiences, points of view, and backgrounds to make better decisions, advance research, and adapt to a changing world. As an organization and as individuals, we are healthier when we feel like we belong and help others feel the same.
  • 5. We take the long view: We believe the best perspective is usually the long one. We strive to balance the needs of the moment with opportunities for the future. We steward collections and university resources responsibly, ensuring their long-term preservation and sustainability.
  • 6. Collaboration is vital: We can have a greater impact by partnering with others than we can by going it alone. We look for ways to contribute our experience and expertise to achieve common goals, and we collaborate with purpose, commitment, and ingenuity.