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Duke University Libraries Staff

In active support of the mission of Duke University, we

  • provide a place for self-education and discovery
  • promote scholarship and good citizenship through information literacy
  • acquire, organize, preserve and deliver information resources and assist users in their effective use
  • create a great library for a great university

Guided by this mission and the goals in our strategic plan, we actively seek to improve our collections, programs and services through assessment and evaluation.

Staff Values

Our staff is committed to the following values:

  • service to Duke University and the wider academic community
  • a balance of tradition and innovation as we seek the best ways to deliver information to our users
  • collaboration and communication in meeting the challenges of our mission
  • integrity and mutual respect in all interactions, recognizing the importance of honesty, trust, tolerance, diversity and humor

We are committed to the following workplace behaviors:

  • open communication
  • flexibility
  • integrity and trustworthiness
  • acknowledgement of individual contributions
  • recognition and valuing of differences