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An open-access repository that Duke researchers can use to publish and archive their scholarly works, enabling readers from around the world to view for free. Learn more about how Duke Libraries and Duke repositories can help you increase your reach and impact, and publish your work your way.

Research Data Repository

The Duke Research Data Repository accepts data, documentation, software, and other code related to the teaching and research mission of Duke University, including data linked to a publication, research project, and/or class projects. Data deposit is open to all members of the Duke Community with a valid netid. All data are openly accessible for direct download.

Make your research available here

There are lots of reasons to make your scholarly work openly available for anyone to read and use , even if you're still going to publish with a subscription journal or traditional publisher.

Duke has open access policies to help make this possible from a legal perspective - both for faculty and graduate student authors - and Duke Libraries support several repositories where you can deposit your work, make it open access, get a permanent citable link, and know that it will be preserved in the future. Once your publications or data are in a Duke repository, they'll be also linked from your Scholars@Duke profile, further increasing their visibility, and making it easier for others to find, use, and cite your work.

Learn how to deposit your research for open access via Duke repositories.