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Call (919) 660-5800 to contact the Libraries Administrative Office.

In case of immediate emergency that requires response from police, fire fighters, or medical technicians, call 911.  During a disaster or emergency, check the campus emergency status and see what to do in an emergency.

Maintenance and Housekeeping Requests

Disaster Response

During a Building Evacuation


  • Calmly alert others around you in case they are unaware
  • Take your personal belongings
  • Leave the building immediately via nearest stairways or exits
  • Assist others if they are in need
  • Listen to security personnel and Library staff members who are assisting in the evacuation
  • Once outside go to a designated assembly area (Allen Building sidewalk, Davidson Quad, or Twinnies area across Telecom Dr) - Stand a safe distance from the building


  • Do not ignore or assume that that an alarm is false
  • Do not use elevators
  • Do not re-enter the building until the “all clear” is given

If you are unable to leave the building due to a physical disability

  • Ask for assistance from others
  • Go to the nearest stair enclosure. Call Duke Police at 919-684-2444 and notify them of your location
  • Text Duke Police at 67283 from any mobile phone with texting capabilities

See Fire & Life Safety for more information

During a Tornado Warning

  • After the Duke University emergency sirens sound or that the Duke Emergency System issues an Alert:
  • Calmly seek shelter in the lower level of the libraries. Basement levels are best.
  • Stay away from glass
  • Do not block exits
  • Line up and sit along walls of center hallways or in the center of the building
  • Wait for the “all clear” signal from library staff, security or the Duke Alert system

Learn more about safety at

Staff Response

For emergency preparation, library staff may review the Disaster Response contact procedures.