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Find Your Study Zone

See our Places to Study inventory to find additional options for study space, including conversation-allowed areas and reservable rooms.


Library floors and rooms are designated for distinct levels of conversation. In general, the higher the floor, the quieter the space.

Icon representing "Absolute Quiet" in Libraries Absolute Quiet Zones

These are silent study spaces best suited for focused individual study. Please do not talk or take phone calls. Silence phones, laptops, noisy headphones, and other loud devices.

  • Fourth floor of Perkins & Bostock Libraries
  • Nicholas Family Reading Room (2nd Floor Bostock)
  • Lilly Library Art Carrel Room (Basement Lilly Library)

Absolute Quiet and Food Free

The following zones are absolute quiet  and food free. Refrain from eating food or snacks in these spaces. This helps create an inclusive space for those who may have food allergies, find certain smells aversive, are sensitive to eating sounds, and more. Hungry? We encourage to step out for a quick snack, or make another area your study zone.

  • Gothic Reading Room (2nd Floor Rubenstein)
  • Carpenter Reading Room (3rd Floor Bostock)
  • Thomas Room (2nd Floor Lilly Library)


Icon representing "Considerate Study" in Libraries Considerate Study Zones

These are quiet study spaces. They are best suited for individual study or small, supportive groups pursuing individual projects. Use short, brief whispers when needed. Silence phones, laptops, noisy headphones, and other loud devices. Enjoy covered drinks.

  • Second Floors of Perkins & Bostock
  • Third Floors of Perkins & Bostock
  • Lower Level 2 of Perkins (LL2)
  • Lower Level 1 of Bostock (LL1)

Icon representing "Conversational Study" in Libraries Conversational Study Zones

Collaboration is welcome in these spaces. They are best suited for group study or for individuals who seek ambient noise in their studying. Feel free to hold small group conversations. Enjoy covered drinks. Please keep technology use considerate to others who are sharing the space.

  • First Floor Perkins
  • The Link (includes FitDesks)
  • The Edge (First Floor Bostock)
  • Reservable study rooms (Perkins, Bostock, Edge)
  • Foyer areas and open spaces

Enforcement Policy

As a member of the Duke University Libraries community, we encourage you to learn about and follow the norms of the spaces you are in. It is also normal and encouraged for you to remind other patrons about the policies described above. Please refer to available signage and this page. If you do not feel comfortable approaching others or feel unsafe, please visit or call the Perkins Library Service Desk, 919-660-5870. Library security officers circulate throughout the Libraries and will address egregious violations.