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The library occasionally receives requests to withdraw particular items from the collection. We are an academic library that collects widely varying materials to support the research and teaching mission of the University. Inclusion of an item in the collection does not imply Duke University or Duke Library endorsement. Providing access to materials and preserving them in a library collection is essential to current and future research and study. See the Library’s Statement on Potentially Harmful Language in Library Descriptions for related information.

The library may respond to concerns by modifying the catalog record or other descriptive documents, or possibly by including documentation of the issue in or on the item itself. Requests can be sent via email to the Rubenstein Library Ask Us form or to the Duke University Libraries Ask Us form.

Stewardship of library collections involves formal commitments and informal agreements across institutions to retain, return, withdraw, or destroy certain items, and we will honor these commitments whenever possible. Regular collection management and preservation activities will sometimes result in removal of items from the collection.

Ultimate responsibility for decisions to withdraw library materials rests with the University Librarian & Vice Provost for Library Affairs, in consultation with library executive leadership and the Office of the Provost.