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Duke Disability Management System has accessibilty maps for campus buildings and parking options. For an overview of all available parking, entrances and building locations on Duke's campus, see our campus map system and select the box beside the ADA Accessibility icon.

Find parking

Bostock Library

Find two accessible parking sites located near the rear and to the side of Bostock Library. Both locations are accessible via Research Drive, also known as the Science Drive Extension, and via Telcom Drive .

Duke Chapel

Accessible parking is available either in the Bryan Center Parking Deck (PG IV), located at 125 Science Drive, or in the Bryan Center parking lot adjacent to the parking deck. A special event parking fee of $5 will be charged by Duke Parking Attendants upon entry to either location. Please ask the parking attendant to direct you to the closest open accessible parking spot. Guests may be dropped off at the Bryan Center parking circle, as well, and the drop-off car can then park wherever the parking attendant indicated they should park.

For guests being dropped off by taxi or other vehicle that does not intend to park, the Chapel Drive bus circle may also be used as a drop-off point. Please note that there is little or no parking available at this location.

Other Libraries

For help parking near Duke libraries other than Perkins-Bostock, call the Transportation and Parking Services Office at (919) 684-7275 or visit them at 302 Science Drive, on the ground level of the Science Drive Garage.