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What is the First-Year Advisory Board?

The First-Year Advisory Board is a coalition of first-year students and library coordinators whose mission includes three responsibilities:

  • provide feedback on library initiatives
  • represent first-year students' library needs & requests during a unique and pivotal year of transition into university culture and its academic expectations
  • search for ways to improve the library and developing programs to make first-year students aware of its resources & services

Members of the First-year Library Advisory Board are important liaisons between fellow students in their residence halls, classes and social networks and Duke University Libraries. Serving on the board is an opportunity to represent the student body in library discussions affecting students and to partner with the library as it develops new ways of collecting, searching for and preserving information. 

What will I do on the board?

Board members share their ideas, opinions and experiences of the Duke University Libraries system.

When does the board meet?

The board meets 2-3 times each semester.