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Feedback on DMPs

We are available to review and provide feedback on data management plans (DMPs) at any point in their development. We can help you work through:

  • Understanding specific funder expectations and requirements
  • Completing key elements of a DMP
  • Selecting an appropriate repository or archive
  • Implementing your DMP during your projest

Turnaround is typically less than 3 business days (rush review available). We also have a self-service guide that provides some additional information on drafting DMPs.

A tool to help

Not sure where to start or applying to an unfamiliar funding agency? Consider using the online DMPTool. The DMPTool is maintained by the California Digital Library and provides:

  • Duke authentication through Shibboleth (choose Duke, login with NetID and password)
  • Helpful templates for a number of funding agencies (and their respective divisions)
  • Link-outs to helpful resource
  • A central location to store all your DMPs
  • The option to submit your DMP for review through the tool

Data management planning @ Duke

Regardless of funder requirements, all Duke research units are encouraged to develop a Data Management Plan (DMP) that describes the data governance policies within each group (i.e. how data are documented, organized, stored, and shared). Duke’s DMP Guidance Document is designed to help researchers develop a DMP for their research group and outlines specific considerations, best practices, and links to helpful resources.

If you are interested in sharing and archiving your data within the Duke Research Data Repository, we can also provide you with boilerplate language to include within your DMP.