Duke University Libraries possesses a limited number of licenses for the Cross National Time Series for use by current Duke faculty, staff and students. Please email Data and Visualization Services at askdata@duke.edu to request access.

Notes from the publisher:

About the 2020 Edition: This year’s CNTS Data Archive includes updates of the unique Domestic Conflict Event data: Assassinations, General Strikes, Terrorism/Guerrilla Warfare, Major Government Crises, Purges, Riots, Revolutions, and Anti-government Demonstrations. There are now nine years of the optional LINKS files, which consist of links to media sources for each of these events for the years 2011 through 2019. With this option, researchers can fine tune their numbers with the additional information provided by the articles.

Among other updates are Area and Population, and Legislative and Political data.

For detailed information about the contents of the Archive see: https://www.cntsdata.com/the-data

In addition, read Frequently Asked Questions to learn more information about coverages and variables contained by the data.