The Euratlas Historical Vector Data describe the political situation in Europe at the turn of each century A.D.  The map covers Europe from 15 degrees west to 50 degrees east, 20 degrees north to 60 degrees north.  These data are available to current Duke Univeristy students, faculty and staff for the seven centuries listed below.  Please refer to the licensing information for restrictions on use.

Each archive provides all shapefiles associated with the listed century.  The shapefiles vary by century, but all contain shapefiles cover the following:

Political (each in both Latin-1 and UTF-8 formats)

  • autonomous peoples

  • cities

  • second level administrative regions

  • sovereign states

  • sovereign dependent states 

  • uncertain borders as a complement to sovereign state borders; these are unnamed polygons


  • major rivers

  • minor rivers

  • seas

Additional Help

  • Later years also contain first level administrative regions and supranational entities (each in both Latin-1 and UTF-8 formats)
  • Read more data descriptions

Please Note

As of October 25, 2013, Duke University distributes data that has been correctly projected.  These layers use the World Mercator projection (meters).  

Archive of All Shapefiles by Century

Shapefile Bibliography
1st century A.D. (0) Bibliography
7th century A.D. (600) Bibliography
13th century A.D. (1200) Bibliography
16th century A.D. (1500) Bibliography
17th century A.D. (1600) Bibliography
18th century A.D. (1700) Bibliography
19th century A.D. (1800) Bibliography
20th century A.D. (1900)