Health Humanities Lab-Global health humument

November 28, 2016February 1, 2017

Location: Student Wall

The artwork on this wall is by students in Professor Kearsley Stewart’s Global Health seminar 302, Global Narratives of HIV/AIDS. These pieces follow art book techniques based on Tom Phillips’s book, A Humument. 

“Humumentism” takes an original text and transforms it using various art styles to create a new interpretation of the text. Sometimes this is considered “excavating” the unexpected from an original text. The style is also considered a form of concrete poetry, and students have worked with poet Kelley Swain in workshops leading up to this exhibition.

Here, students have worked with photocopies of texts they have selected from the new Maria de Bruyn archive of HIV/AIDS literature, housed in Duke University’s Rubenstein Library. 

This collaboration of AIDS, art, and archives is for the launch of the Franklin Humanities Institute Health Humanities Lab. 

Artwork by: Badiata, Esther 

Beaverson, Sarah 

Bigal, Luisa 

Bollinger, John

Brudney, Risa

Dvir, Danielle

Fitzgerald, Ryan

Grubbs, Joshua

Guraya, Lisa

Hallowes, Kim

Im, Carolyn

Kanal, Priyanka

Lai, Wei

Neveux, Margot

Pasquale, Ellie

Patel, Pranalee

Peer, Austin

Prasad, Gauri

Rapaport, Sarah

Reed, Alice

Schmidt, Christina

Serat, Simone

Tilahun, Edom

Wang, Andrew

Whitfield, Brooke