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This cross-departmental committee was formed to address recommendations from Duke University Libraries’ (DUL) 2020 Anti-Racism Roadmap and the recent DUL study, “Understanding the Experiences and Needs of Black Students at Duke.” The two goals that prompted the formation of the committee are to: “visually celebrate and affirm racial diversity” and “increase portraits, artwork, photographs, or other visual representations of people of color to balance the number of portraits of white people in library spaces, including the Lilly Library.”

Timeline The team produced 2 deliverables in calendar year 2021 and plans to continue to produce at least 2 projects every year.

  • Project 1 Odili Donald Odita, mural (The Edge, Bostock Library)
  • Project 2: William Hanley, photographs (Staff lounge, Perkins Library)


1. Meg Brown (Exhibits, committee lead) 2020-present
2. Kelley Lawton (East Campus Libraries) 2020-present
3. Cortney Hatchell (Security and Facilities) 2020-2021
4. Linda Daniel (RIS) 2020-present
5. William Hanley (TS) joining in summer 2022
6. Naomi Nelson (EG liaison) 2020-present

Petals of red chrysanthemum
Red Chrysanthemum by William Hanley