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The Pearse Memorial Library at the Duke Marine Lab is part of Duke University Libraries. It supports the teaching and research efforts of the faculty, staff and students of the Duke University Marine Laboratory.

What subjects can I research at the Marine Lab Library?

The library collects materials primarily on the following subjects: 

        • aquaculture
        • coastal environment & management
        • fisheries & fishery management
        • marine biology
        • marine ecology
        • marine life
        • oceanography

What kinds of technologies are available to me?

        • 8 dual-operating system computers (Mac & Windows) in the upper stacks.
        • 4 public-use computers on the first floor.
        • ePrint station on the first floor.
        • 1 black & white copier/scanner which accepts both Duke ID cards (with a Flex account) and departmental copy cards. Copies are $0.07 each.
        • Wireless and plug-in network connectivity.