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To be considered for the 2023 Aptman Prize, email the following as a SINGLE FILE (PDF or Word document) to Carson Holloway by June 15, 2023:

  • application cover sheet (see form)
  • essay of 500-750 words describing research strategies and use of library tools and resources
  • paper including bibliography and appendices

In addition, you will need:

  • a faculty letter of support (see form)
  • The faculty member can email the letter of support in a separate file to Carson Holloway.
  • Or, the faculty member can send the letter of support to the applicant to be included in the single file with the three items above. 

Additional Guidelines

  • You must be an undergraduate.
  • Judges will group papers into lower-level (first- and second-year) and upper-level (third- and fourth-year) categories based on the author’s class distinction at the time that the paper was written.
  • Your must write your paper for a course completed at Duke University and use Duke University Libraries' resources.
  • If you write your paper during a term abroad, you can submit your paper as long as you are enrolled at Duke during your term abroad and use Duke University Libraries' resources for your research.
  • You can submit a draft of a paper, as long as it reflects your research process and your use of library resources.
  • Judges will consider honors theses separately from all other papers.
  • Papers may take the form of a traditional research paper, as well as a digital project. Emphasis should be on the use of library resources and awareness of research strategies, rather than the project’s format
  • Include internal citations and bibliographies, formatted according to bibliographic style requested by your course instructor or preferred by your discipline.  Specify the bibliographic style your application cover sheet.
  • Sumbit digital projects in an appropriate format (e.g. DVD, video, URL of the final project)
  • You can sumbit an individual paper once only, but you can submit multiple, different papers in a given year.  Submit each paper individually with an accompanying application cover sheet, essay and faculty letter of support.