2018-19 Marshall T. Meyer Research Travel Grant Awards Announced

Congratulations to this year's recepients of the Marshall T. Meyer Research Travel Grants!

  • Llana Barber “No Refuge from Empire: Imperialism, Migration, and the Violence of Borders"
  • William Benner "The Second Generation in Argentina and the Reconfiguration of Religious Activism (2003-present)"
  • Jessica Ordaz "The Roots of Immigration Detention: Forced Labor, Migrant Politics and Punishment in California's Imperial Valley, 1939-2014"
  • Karin Zipf "Field Ghost: How American Farmworkers Successfully Fought Migrant Slavery...Then Lost to H2A, 1975-1990."
  • Esther Cyna “The Achievement Gap is No One’s Fault: The Centrality of Race in the Rise of Standards-Based Reform in North Carolina, 1974-1994"
  • Ian Gavigan "Left Localism: The Reading Socialists, American Federalism, and the Limits of Radical Local Politics in the Twentieth Century United States."
  • Ali Nabours “Southern Socialism: Labor, Race, and Religion from the New South to the New Deal (1880-1940)"
  • Shari Wejsa "Transnationalizing Brazilian Refugee Policies Under Authoritarian Rule [1970s to the Present]"
  • Allan Kim "Popularization of human rights and liberal and social democratic ideologies in 1970s and 1980s Haiti during the dictatorships of Francois and Jean-Claude Duvalier"