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(Note: This constitution was drawn up in February 1839. The text has been altered in matters of punctuation and spelling.)


We the people of Randolph & the adjacent Counties, living in the vicinity of the Union Institute Academy, possessing no small share of philanthropy & patriotism; believing that ignorance & error are not only the bane of religious but also of civil society; that they oppose a formidable front to the march of internal improvement, as well as to all the arts and sciences & rear up almost an impregnable wall between man and the happiness he so ardently pants after; that we may more effectually contribute our quota in dispelling that dismal gloom which has, with raven pinions, brooded over our country for ages, eclipsing the brilliant sun of science, and casting a deep shadow upon the whole mental region & knowing the great advantages that bodies compact possess above individuals; we therefore ordain & adopt the following articles & resolutions.

Article 1st.

This Society shall be known & distinguished by the name of the Union Institute Society.

Article 2nd.

All parents or guardians, who may send children or wards to this Institution & all Students in the same, of the age of eighteen years, shall be considered as regular members of this Society. Each auxiliary Society which shall contribute fifteen dollars for the use of this institution shall be entitled to send one Delegate to this society & other persons who shall be approved of by a majority of the regular members, on contributing the sum of five dollars, shall be received and entitled to all the privileges common to other members.

Article 3rd.

The Officers of this Society shall consist of a President, two Vice Presidents, one Secretary, one Secretary's assistant and Treasurer, who shall be elected annually and hold their respective offices for the term of twelve months.

Article 4th.

The President shall preside at all the meetings he may attend, but in case of his absence or inability, one of the Vice Presidents shall discharge that duty.

Article 5th.

The Secretary shall keep a list of all the names of the officers of this Society & a journal of their proceedings & he shall prepare for the press all the pieces the Society may order to be published.

Article 6th.

The Treasurer shall keep a true account of all monies received & paid out by order of the Society, with a statement of the purpose to which it has been applied; but shall not be at liberty to apply any of the monies other ways than the Society shall direct.

Article 7th.

Nine members of the Society shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business that may come before the house.

Article 8th.

It shall be the duty of this Society to fill all vacancies which may occur in consequence of death, removal or resignation, of any of the Officers or Trustees.

Article 9th.

This Society shall be vested with the power to appoint Agents, from time to time, to apply for and receive donations for the use of the Academy & it shall further be their duty to pay into the Treasury all monies so received, as soon as given in into their hands.

Article 10th.

As the object of the Society is liberal and for the general dissemination of learning and science to all classes, no foreign influence shall be admitted, nor shall the Academy come under any other government than that of this Society.

Article 11th.

Any article of this constitution may be altered or amended provided a majority of this Society shall be present & shall concur in such amendment or alteration.

William English

Jabez Leach

Kelly Johnson

Saml W. Blair

John S. Brown

Lewis Leach

Enos Elder

Zebadee Johnson

Ahijah Smith

J. M. B. Leach

Hugh Leach

James Leach

Brantley York

Joseph Johnson

John English

Lindsay Lamar

Ahi Robbins

Joseph Mendenhall

John W. Russom

Absalom Leach

Alexander Robbins

Val Hoover

Pleasant Ruddeck