1986 Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans (Trustee) & R. Taylor Cole (Faculty/Staff)
1987 Juanita Kreps (Trustee) & Reynolds Price (Faculty/Staff)
1988 W. M. Upchurch, Jr. (Trustee) & Richard L. Watson, Jr. (Faculty/Staff)
1989 Kenneth Goodson (Trustee) & Marcus E. Hobbs (Faculty/Staff)
1990 Charles B. Wade (Trustee) & Mary Grace Wilson (Faculty/Staff)
1991 Marshall I. Pickens (Trustee) & Anne Firor Scott (Faculty/Staff)
1992 David C. Sabiston, Jr. (Faculty/Staff) & Terry Sanford (Faculty/Staff)
1993 Samuel Dubois Cook (Trustee) & Pelham Wilder, Jr. (Faculty/Staff)
1994 Isobel Craven Drill (Trustee) & Paul J. Dumas (Faculty/Staff)
1995 John W. Chandler (Trustee) & Anne Walker Garrard (Faculty/Staff)
1996 William Griffith (Faculty/Staff) & Eugene Stead, M.D. (Faculty/Staff)
1997 Charles Johnson (Faculty/Staff) & Mike Krzyzewski (Faculty/Staff)
1998 Thomas Langford (Faculty/Staff)
1999 The award was not given this year. Honorary degrees were awarded to Anthony D. Duke & James H. Semans instead.
2000 Robert F. Durden (Faculty/Staff) & Ella Fountain Pratt (Faculty/Staff)
2001 Susan Bennett King (Trustee) & Thomas F. Keller (Faculty/Staff)
2002 John Alexander McMahon (Trustee) & William G. Anlyan (Faculty/Staff)
2003 A. Morris Williams, Jr. (Trustee), Joseph G. Pietrantoni (Faculty/Staff) & Nannerl O. Keohane (Faculty/Staff)
2004 Ernestine Friedl (Faculty/Staff) & Samuel L. Katz (Faculty/Staff)
2005 William E. King (Faculty/Staff)
2006 Ruby Leila Wilson (Faculty/Staff) and William "Jimmy" Wallace, Jr. (Faculty/Staff)
2007 John A. Koskinen (Trustee) & John J. Piva Jr. (Faculty/Staff)
2008 John A. Forlines, Jr. (Trustee) & N. Allison Haltom (Faculty/Staff)
2009 Ernest Mario (Trustee) & Joel L. Fleishman (Faculty/Staff)
2010 Robert Steel (Trustee) & Jean Fox O'Barr (Faculty/Staff)
2011 Karl von der Heyden (Trustee) & James Bonk (Faculty/Staff)
2012 Rebecca Trent Kirkland (Trustee) & Judith L. Ruderman (Faculty/Staff)
2013 Daniel T. Blue, Jr. (Trustee) & Gerald L. Wilson (Faculty/Staff)
2014 Cookie Anspach Kohn (Trustee) & Horst Meyer (Faculty/Staff)
2015 Paula Burger (Trustee) & Al Buehler (Faculty/Staff)