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Completed: 1910

Architect: William Albert Wilkerson

John C. KilgoBishop's House

President John C. Kilgo (1861-1922) led Trinity College from 1894 to 1910. During his presidency, he oversaw the development of the institution and helped put it on firmer financial footing. In 1910, he stepped down as president of the college following his election as Bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. He remained a professor emeritus at Trinity until 1917, when he resigned from the position due to his failing health and responsibilities as a Bishop.

Completed in the spring of 1911, the residence was home to President Kilgo from July 1911 to June 1915. From the fall of 1915 until the fall of 1918 it was used as a women's dormitory. Then, until the fall of 1920, it was used by single faculty men. In 1920-1921 Dr. Bert Cunningham and family occupied the first floor and law students the second. In the spring of 1922, the building was turned over to the Faculty Club for use as a club house and residence for men. It served this purpose until the spring of 1935, when it was extensively remodeled and reopened as the Woman's College Infirmary. In 1962, the Duke University Press moved into the building, occupying it until 1983. The building currently houses the Duke Continuing Studies and Summer Session administrative offices.

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