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Completed: 1899/1935

Architect: Unknown/Architectural Resources Cambridge/ Little and Associates Architects

William Henry BransonBranson Hall

William Henry Branson (1860-1899) was a trustee of Trinity College and a member of the Executive Committee. He was a prominent Durham citizen and was a major partner, then owner, of the Durham Cotton Mills.

The original Branson Hall, built in 1899, was a Trinity College men's dormitory. After a remodeling in 1915, it was used as a dormitory for Trinity Park School until 1922. From 1922 to 1930, it was again used as a college dorm.

The original building was razed in 1935, and the materials were used in the creation of the current building. The new building was used as the headquarters of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The building was remodeled into a theatre (Brody Theatre) in 1950, featuring an arena-type theatre with a seating capacity of 150, with offices, studio space, and a light booth on the second floor. Branson Hall was renovated again in the 1980s as part of an arts initiative. 

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