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Completed: 1926

Architect: Office of Horace Trumbauer

William Pegram

William Pegram was born on August 18, 1848. After the end of the Civil War, Pegram walked back to North Carolina, and decided to pursue an education. He enrolled in Trinity College in 1869. Pegram started teaching natural sciences at the college after completing his studies, and married Trinity President Braxton Craven’s daughter, Emma. His tenure at Trinity lasted for 46 years, first teaching all natural sciences, then specializing in chemistry as the college expanded and moved from Randolph County to Durham. He continued teaching until 1919, and died on April 30, 1928.

Completed in the fall of 1926, it was known as Dormitory No. 3 until 1930, when it was named in honor of William Pegram. Alspaugh, Bassett, Brown, Giles, Pegram, and Wilson dormitories were all built in a two year period between the fall of 1926 and the fall of 1928, and are all minor variations on the same design. Next to Baldwin Auditorium, the dormitory hosts the Performing Arts Living/Learning Community.

Pegram Residence Hall

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