Faculty House 1, 2138 Campus Drive

William Preston Few
This house was constructed for Duke's President, Dr. William Preston Few (above). Dr. Few came to Durham in 1896 to teach English at Trinity College. Named Dean in 1902, in 1910 he succeeded John C. Kilgo as President of the College and remained in this position during and after Trinity College’s transformation into Duke University.  President Few lived in house 1 from its completion until his death in 1940. His widow continued to live there for a few more years.

When Robert Lee Flowers was selected as President Few’s successor, he decided to remain in his home (Faculty House 4).  This allowed for various faculty members, such as John B. Hickam, MD and J. D. Meyers, MD, to reside in the house until 1949 when a new University President was elected. Then President A. Hollis Edens and his family lived here until he resigned from office in 1960. His successor, Duke surgeon J. Deryl Hart, had his own home and chose to live there during his 3 year term in office. The house remained vacant until 1963 when President Douglas M. Knight moved in and stayed for 3 years.

President Knight moved out to occupy a new home in Duke Forest and with his departure, house 1 ceased to serve as the residence for the University President.  Alumni Affairs maintained offices in the building from 1967 until 1976, and soon after, it was occupied by both Undergraduate Admissions and Undergraduate Financial Aid.  It continues to be occupied by Undergraduate Admissions.

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