Faculty House 12, 2021 Campus Drive

H. Claude Horack
Professor H. Claude Horack (above) was the original occupant of House 12. He was Professor of Law and served as Dean of the School of Law from 1934 to 1947. He taught Richard Nixon, who served as his personal research assistant. Dr. Horack retired from active teaching in 1948. 

In 1951, Dean of the School of Law Joseph A. McClain, Jr. moved in and lived here until 1957 when he resigned to practice law in Florida.  In 1958, Rev. Howard C. Wilkinson of Duke Chapel moved in and stayed until 1972. David Clayborne, Assistant Dean for Freshmen, lived here from 1973-1976.

Professor Harold Jantz moved into this house in 1978. Dr. Jantz, who had recently retired from Johns Hopkins, was a visiting professor of Germanic Languages and Literature at Duke. He donated his 9,000 volume collection of German works, considered one of the two greatest collections of German Baroque literature, to the University. Dr. Jantz died in 1987 and his widow, Eleanor, continues to live here. It is the only faculty house that continues to serve as a private residence.

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