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The Duke University Archives accepts departmentally-approved honors papers (also called senior honors theses) for permanent storage and makes these honors papers available to scholars throughout the world. The University Archives also collects those graduate theses produced by students of the University's professional schools. Finally, the University Archives collects those theses and dissertations submitted to the Graduate School and published via ProQuest/UMI. These papers, theses, and dissertations are preserved in the DukeSpace repository.

The following information refers to undergraduate honors theses.

Finding undergraduate honors theses

Before transitioning to electronic theses, the University Archives catalogued print honors papers (also called senior honors theses) by academic discipline. The links below will show catalog records for honors papers from several disciplines.

Please note that you may view honors papers in the Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library's Reading Room, but you may not borrow them. 

Since 2007, honors theses are submitted electronically and are not collected in print. Electronic honors theses can be accessed via the DukeSpace repository's Undergraduate Honors Theses collection.

Submitting honors papers in electronic form

The University Archives developed the following standards for honors papers in cooperation with the Dean of Arts and Sciences. Papers that do not meet the standards cannot be preserved in the University Archives.

Formatting your title page

Format your title page with the following information and in the following order:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Type of paper (e.g., A thesis submitted to the Department of Economics for honors)
  • Duke University
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • Current year

Submitting your paper electronically (also available as PDF with images)

  • Make sure you have the following information handy: Title, Abstract, Electronic File (PDF is preferred), Supplementary Materials (optional images, sound files, etc.), and keywords, phrases (up to six).
  • Also make sure your honors seminar advisor or thesis advisor has submitted your netID to the University Libraries.
  • Navigate to the submission form.
  • Click Submissions link under the My Account list.
  • Click Start new submission and then select Undergraduate Honors Theses from the dropdown menu.
  • If your paper has more than one title (e.g., translated title), or if it has been published before, click the appropriate boxes.
  • Enter the descriptive information on the next screen, including your name (if there are multiple authors you may add more than one), the title of your paper, and your department. For Abstract, copy & paste the abstract from your paper into the text field. You may add up to six keywords or phrases, one each at a time.
  • On the next screen, browse to the location on your computer where you have stored your thesis. You may also give this a description, which is useful if you are uploading multiple files (e.g., a thesis and supporting images).
  • On the next screen, look over your submission to ensure that the information is accurate and free from typos and other errors.
  • On the final screen, read the distribution license, check the box to agree and select Complete submission. Read this page carefully. By granting the license, you are giving Duke University the non-exclusive rights to preserve and provide access to your paper online, you keep the copyright over the work. Others are free to read and cite it, but must attribute the author. You may find more information about the Creative Commons license here

Contact information

With any questions or problems submitting your thesis to DukeSpace, contact Digital Collections and Curation Services.

For Departments

When you have identified students who meet the criteria to submit their thesis to DukeSpace, please fill out this brief form. If you have any questions, please contact Digital Collections and Curation Services