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Statistical Science research applies mathematics and computer science concepts to the development ofmethods and analytical techniques for application to research affecting everyone from the policy maker to the individual. Statistical Science is the foundation of the principles and practices of research across disciplines, from research in Literacy Studies to Astrophysics, with a special focus at Duke in the areas of Global Health, Risk Analysis, and Computational Biology. Established in 1987, Duke’s Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences (ISDS) evolved to become the Duke Statistical Science Department in 2007.

Duke University Libraries’ Statistical Science collections are deep, comprehensive, and broad in nature. Researchers can browse classic texts in the field as well as key statistical science databases. Scholars are able to read about cutting-edge research in scientific journals published by the American Statistical Association and The Royal Statistical Society and make use of the rich data collections purchased by the Center for Data and Visualization.

The Duke University Libraries are committed to continuing to provide exceptional collections and research support for Statistical Science and related disciplines. The Libraries’ statistical science collections will thus seek to preserve the past while expanding to support emerging science and social science disciplines. The Statistical Science collections reflect the nature of the departmental research: Bayesian statistics, stochastics analysis, statistical concepts, theory and methods, computational research, data analytics, and machine learning. With this focus, the Libraries’ collections support the broad range of statistical methods used, interdisciplinary research, teaching, and learning done by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in Duke’s elite program. As the field of Statistical Science evolves there is greater integration with advanced scientific computation, big data, and interdisciplinary research in the fields of Neuroscience, Medicine, Finance, Physics, and Economics. To support diverse Statistical Science research, Duke Libraries continues to expand its collections for this discipline as it relates to theory, methods, and applications.

Establish a restricted Collection Endowment ($300,000)

A collection endowment that is restricted for Statistical Science that is broad in scope and format will allow the library to purchase resources that support Duke’s research where statistical science intersects with other disciplines and global collaborations. Duke Libraries will purchase resources across STEM disciplines, in a variety of formats, to support the original research output of the Duke University Department of Statistical Science. Establishing a restricted endowment will fund collection growth to support the research and teaching mission of the University, while continuing to increase the reputation of Duke research worldwide.