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Frontispiece to Voltaire’s Elémens de la Philosophie de Neuton (1738), depicting Emilie Du Châtelet reflecting light from Newton

Philosophy, a humanities discipline that attracts fewer women than many sciences (beginning when they are undergraduates), is equally non-representative in its canon. Yet this is not an historically accurate representation of the people and works that have shaped this discipline over time. Project Vox ( seeks to remedy this oversight by providing instructors and students with an open educational resource that reincorporates marginalized voices back into philosophical conversations and, in the process, helps to diversify and revitalize philosophy as a field of study. Whether Computer Science majors or Communications PhDs or one of dozens of other fields represented on our team over the years, Duke students work collaboratively and cross-disciplinarily to publish Project Vox. From research, writing, translating, and editing, to outreach to global audiences, students gain an immersive education in humanities research practices, digital knowledge production and dissemination, and collaboration.

Your gift helps us cultivate a range of educational experiences for students, helping them to build their skills as collaborators and scholars while also reinvigorating the study of philosophy. All donors will be added to the Project Vox mailing list, so they can receive newsletter updates on project work. Unless a donor wishes to remain anonymous, we will gratefully acknowledge our sponsors on the Project Vox website.

Boost Project Vox - $100

From acquiring digital scans of rare archival materials, defraying student expenses for presenting at a conference, or producing the next batch of Project Vox lapel pins (highly prized by our volunteer external reviewers!), your gift boosts morale and supports deeper engagement by the Project Vox team and its growing network of collaborators. [Bonus: for each donation, we’ll send you a pin!]

Support a Student Intern - $1,500

Your gift provides a student with a paid opportunity to work with Project Vox. The student will engage in sustained work with the project, take on specific roles and responsibilities as part of the team, and build skills in collaborative research and digital publishing.

Sponsor a Special Project - $5,000

Your gift will support focused projects that allow students to make unique contributions to the project team. Students work on defined projects (e.g., testing processes and platforms for incorporating network visualizations into the website) under the guidance of a faculty or staff advisor.

Fund a Project Team - $10,000

As a co-curricular academic program based in Duke Libraries, Project Vox provides mentorship and educational opportunities for the student team over the course of an academic year, facilitated in large part by graduate student engagement. With this gift you directly support graduate students who coordinate the team’s work, facilitate communication and connection among team members, and identify and share opportunities for students to develop skills or promote their work (e.g., conference presentations).

Adopt a Philosopher - $25,000

Your gift helps support the sustained activity and broader engagement necessary to move a philosopher from feasibility study to a published entry, while providing immersive educational program in digital research and publishing. With an average annual team of 10-12 students (roughly one third graduate and two-thirds undergraduate), we can rigorously research, review, publish, and promote these philosopher entries to our global public.

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