Duke University Libraries offer a variety of spaces to be named in honor of gifts to the Perkins Project, which supports the renovation and transformation of the Libraries' signature spaces.  The list below includes a sampling of available spaces.  To view floor plans of the Libraries and images of individual spaces, please visit our Naming Opportunities website.  For more information about making a gift to the Libraries, contact Tom Hadzor, Associate University Librarian for Development. 



Study Carrels (Perkins and Bostock Libraries)Graduate Research and Writing Room (Perkins Library)Reference Room (Rubenstein Library)


Classroom (Perkins Library)Staff Meeting Room (Rubenstein Library)Medium Collaboration Space (Rubenstein Library)Reading Area (Rubenstein Library)Group Study Room (Perkins and Bostock Libraries)


Sound Lab (Bostock Library)


Assembly Room (Perkins Library)

Visiting Scholar Tower Offices (Rubenstein Library)Large Collaboration Space (Rubenstein Library)Visiting Scholar Tower Lounge (Rubenstein Library)Classroom (Perkins Library)Digital Production Studio (Bostock Library)


CIT Studio (Bostock Library)Small Project Room (Bostock Library)Instructional Lab (Bostock Library)Conference Room (Bostock Library)


IAS Work Area (Bostock Library)

IAS Office (Bostock Library)Open Study Space (Perkins and Bostock Libraries)


Access and Delivery Services Head Office (Perkins Library)Workshop Room (Bostock Library)Consultation Room (Perkins and Bostock Libraries)Group Study Room (Perkins Library)


Research Services Conference Room (Perkins Library)Lounge (Bostock Library)Multimedia Project Studio (Bostock Library)


Research Services and Collection Development Suite (Perkins Library)Research Services Conference Room (Perkins Library)


Access and Delivery Services Office Area (Perkins Library)

Group Study Room (Perkins Library)Tower Reading Room (Perkins Library)Seminar Room (Perkins Library)East Asia Tower Reading Room (Bostock Library)IT Conference Room (Bostock Library)


Library Administration Suite (Rubenstein Library)



Staff Lounge (Perkins Library)


Information Technology Office Suite (Bostock Library)

Classroom (Perkins Library)Reading Concourse (Perkins Library)


Small Collaboration Space (Rubenstein Library)


The Link (Perkins Library)

Catering Prep Area (Rubenstein Library)Photography Gallery (Rubenstein Library)Gateway Terrace


Staff/Consultation Area (Bostock Library)


Study Area (Perkins Library)


Special Collections Reading Room (Rubenstein Library)

Classroom (Perkins Library)Reading Area (Perkins Library)


Papyrology & Paleography Reference Room (Rubenstein Library)Gothic Reading Room (Rubenstein Library)