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Overview of scanners

Scanner details

We invite you to explore our top-of-the-line overhead and flatbed scanners. 




Use for


Bookeye Kicscanner Overhead scannerPerkins (first floor)Quickly scanning a larger quantities of pages when resolution isn't critical, such as a book chapter.
  • Save to: USB, email, upload to Cloud
  • Scan formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, rich text, audio
Click Mini Tabletop overhead with separate feed scannerThe Edge, Doctoral Research Commons Quickly scanning a larger quantities of pages when resolution isn't critical.
  • Crop and split-screen
  • Save to: USB, email
  • Scan format: PDF
Epson flatbed Large format flatbed with separate sheet feederPerkins (first floor)High resolution scanning, such an over-sized art book
  • Highest resolution available
  • Editing software available (including Acrobat, Photoshop Elements)
  • Scan formats: PDF, JPG, TIFF, OCR
  • Read manual
Scannx Flatbed with separate sheet feederPerkins (first floor), The EdgeVersatile scanning of books and loose sheets with high resolution
  • Second highest resolution available
  • No log-on needed
  • Save to: email, phone, Google Drive, USB
  • Scan formats: TIFF, PNG, PDF, Word

Equipment in Lilly, Music, and Rubenstein