Sperling Family Exhibit Cases


The Sperling Family Exhibit Cases were once called the “Rare Book Room Hallway Cases” and have been located outside the Mary Duke Biddle Room since the Rare Book Room was created. During the renovation of 2015 the cases were redesigned to maintain their aesthetic look, but to better support exhibitions with safer doors, state of the art lights, and some environmental controls.


The Sperling Family Exhibit Cases are located outside the entrance to the Mary Duke Biddle Room. Each case is approximately 70 inches wide by 50 inches tall with glass shelves. There is no ability to put electronics inside these cases.

Policy Information

This gallery is open to the public whenever the library is open. The exhibition space is primarily to exhibit materials from the Rubenstein Library and to advertise other exhibitions currently on display. Due to environmental conditions, there are some limits to what Rubenstein materials can be shown in this space, as the lights will be on 24 hours/day, 7 days/week when school is in session.

Donor Information

Laurene Sperling is the president of the Sperling Family Charitable Foundation and chair of the Bell Foundation. In addition, she serves on numerous boards, including the Duke University Board of Trustees. Laurene is also a past member and chair of the Duke University Library Advisory Board, having served from 1997 until 2010. Laurene graduated from Duke University in 1978 with a BA in management science and accounting.

Past Exhibits from the Sperling Family Exhibit Cases

Reynolds Price

A Life of Arts & Letters

Time Reopened

The Original Washington Duke Hotel's Time Capsule

Worth the Paper It’s Printed On

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