The Archive of Documentary Arts is committed to diversifying its collection in order to better reflect the multitude of viewpoints and communities from which work is being made in the documentary arts today. We encourage submissions from documentarians delving deeply into their subjects, and now accept a wide range of media, including photography, film, animation, book arts, and more. Each year we will open submissions in the Fall with awards being announced in early January.

The Archive of Documentary Arts is pleased to announce the Collection Awardees for 2020-2021. We add to the archive four documentary projects focused on racial inequality in the United States covering segregation in housing, police violence, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the continued racism and violence toward Asian-Americans. Congratulations to: Tonika Lewis Johnson for her animated film, Folded Map Project, exploring urban segregation in Chicago; Naima Lowe, for her experimental film Birthmarks, a tale of fathers and daughters and a story from the 1967 Newark riots; Shawn M. Pridgen, for his photography of the Black Lives Matter movement; and Haruka Sakaguchi for her project I Will Not Stand Silent, a digital photography project combining portraits of Asian-Americans and the locations where they were harassed. We look forward to introducing each of these important works and their creators to you over the next couple of weeks.