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College Section Title Page, Chanticleer, 1920The first volume of Duke's yearbook, the Chanticleer, was published in May 1912. Read more about how the yearbook may have gotten its name.

The links below will take you to digitized volumes of the Chanticleer. Keyword searches can be performed within each volume and copies of individual pages may be downloaded.

These digitized volumes of the Chanticleer are available for use in private research, study, and teaching. You may reproduce materials without further permission from the University Archives, provided that you cite "Duke University Archives" in your work.

For other uses of this material—such as in commercial products or for broadcast or publication—please contact us to request permission in advance.

Questions about orders for recent editions of the Chanticleer should be directed to University Center Activities and Events at


For several years before the publication of the first volume of the Chanticleer, the Trinity Archive's final issue of each academic year served as a yearbook, publishing individual senior class portraits, and sometimes group photos of student organizations and sports teams.