Faculty House 3, 615 Chapel Drive

William H. Wannamaker
One of four houses built for University administrators, faculty house 3 was first occupied by William H. Wannamaker, who served as Dean of Trinity College and Duke University from 1917 until his retirement in 1948. He also held the post of Vice President for the Educational Division from 1926 to 1948. Upon his retirement, Dr. Wannamaker was named Vice Chancellor of the University. Although his last days were spent in a sanitarium in Pine Bluff, N. C., he remained the official resident of house 3 until his death in 1958. In 1959, Charles E. Jordan, Vice President for University Relations and previously the University Secretary, moved in and resided here until his retirement in 1966. That same year, University Development temporarily moved in while renovations were underway at their permanent location (Faculty House 2). Development shared the building with the main tenant, the Information Services Office. Currently housed here are divisions of the Office of Public Affairs and Government Relations, including the Office of News and Communications and University Photography.

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