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The newsletter of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.

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Current Issue

NewsletterSummer 2016 -- Issue 22


  • 1 "Class Instruction with Culinary Flair"
  • 2 New Acquisitions and Newly Available Collection Guides
  • 3 "Advertising and the Imagined Baseball Experience" and "Looking Back: Advertising and the Olympics"
  • 4 The Outdoor Advertising Association of America Celebrates its 125th Year

Past Issues

  • Volume 21, Number 1 (Fall 2015):
    Rubenstein Library Reopens in Newly Renovated Space; News & Notes; Stuart Elliott's Papers Come to Duke; New Collections Build Depth and Breadth; Letter Building: Signage, Modern Architecture, and the American Cityscape; Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing; HALO Awards Archive Comes to Duke
  • Volume 20, Number 2 (Winter 2014):
    Center Acquires Papers of Feminist Advertising Critic Jean Kilbourne; News & Notes; William Golden Papers Document Graphic Arts and Corporate Advertising; List of Fall Classes; Pain Relief in Mid-Twentieth Century American Advertising; Call for Travel Grant Applications; Looking Back: Mustang turns 50; JWT Timeline Documents 150 Year History of the Agency
  • Volume 20, Number 1 (Summer 2014):
    150th Anniversary of the J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT); JWT Newsletters Digital Collections Launch; News & Notes; New Acquisitions and Guides; List of Spring Classes; "Hi, I'm Judy": Visualizing the Call Center of the 1980s; 2014 Travel Grant and Fellowship Winners; Looking Back: RCA's 1939 World's Fair Television Debut
  • Volume 19, Number 2 (Winter 2014):
    Achenbaum Endows Travel Grants; Foundation Issues Challenge Grant for Hartman Center; News & Notes; New Acquisitions and Guides; Mad Men Ads and Poetry; Looking Back: Repealing Prohibition; Salesmanship Literature
  • Volume 19, Number 1 (Spring 2013):
    FOARE Funds Outdoor Advertising Fellowship; 2013 Travel Awards; News & Notes; New Acquisitions: New Collections Enrich Center Holdings; Newly Available Finding Aids; The Spirit of Advertising: Seagram and Hiram Walker, 1950–1960; Lynn Eaton Leaving Center; Looking Back: Abe Lincoln — Car Salesman; Alvin Achenbaum Papers come to Duke
  • Volume 18, Number 1 (Fall 2012):
    Center Celebrates Two Decades; News & Notes; New Acquisitions: Portraits of an Itinerant Sign Painter; Recently Available Collection Guides; Case Studies in Green Marketing; Looking Back: Happy Birthday SPAM!; Travel Grants: 2012 Grant Recipients; Center Honors Friend and Former JWTer, John Furr
  • Volume 17, Number 2 (Winter 2011):
    OAAA Turns 120; Diary of an Ad Woman; News & Notes; New Acquisitions: New Collections Expand Center's Horizon; Newly Available Collection Guides; Establishing a JWT Office in Switzerland; Looking Back: Pan Am Flies Again! (on TV); Travel Grants: Call for 2012 Grant Applications; Gift Names Rare Book & Manuscript Library
  • Volume 17, Number 1 (Summer 2011):
    Get on the ROAD! (2.0); Traveling Exhibits Now Available; News & Notes; New Acquisitions: Center Acquires Henry Haberman Photographs; Newly Available Collection Guides; Party Like It's 1965; Looking Back: 50 Years of the Peace Corps; Travel Grants: 2011 Grant Recipients; New Exhibit Documents Marketing to Kids in the 20th Century
  • Volume 16, Number 2 (Fall 2010):
    Center Acquires Papers of Wunderman; Scrapbook Documents WWI Ad Campaign; News & Notes; New Acquisitions: Unique Printed Materials Enrich Collections; Newly Available Collection Guides; The Spirit of the Poster; Looking Back: Stay Marine, Stay Covered; Travel Grants: 2011 Application Process Begins
  • Volume 16, Number 1 (Summer 2010):
    Exhibits Offer Two views of Endorsement Advertising; News & Notes; New Acquisitions Illuminate Advertising History; Newly Available Collection Guides; The Roots of Commercial Radio; Looking Back: Of Moose and Spin Doctors; Adviews Complete!; Facebook; 2010 Travel Award Recipients Announced
  • Volume 15, Number 2 (Fall 2009):
    AdViews on iTunes U; JWT Chicago Legacy Celebrated and Captured; News & Notes; New Acquisitions: Creative Collections Contributed to Center; Newly Available Collection Guides; Looking Back: Fighting Flu; J. Walter Thompson's Early European Experience; Volunteers Fuel the Center; 2010 Travel Grant Application Process Begins; Center Seeks Travel Grant Sponsor
  • Volume 15, Number 1 (Spring 2009):
    Center Receives Records from JWT London; NHPRC Awards Grant for ROAD 2.0; News & Notes; New Acquisitions: Diverse Donations Come to Duke; Looking Back: A Measured Response to Economic Crisis; WWII JWT Letters Enrich Student Experience; Announcing the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing; 2009 Travel Award Recipients Announced
  • Volume 14, Number 2 (Fall 2008):
    Exhibit Examines 1960s Mad Men Culture; Center Exceeds Goal for OAAA Project; News & Notes; New Acquisitions; Newly Available Collection Guides; Looking Back: From Vigor to Viagra; The Father of Modern Newspaper Research; The Real Mad Men and Women; 2009 Travel Grant Application Process Begins
  • Volume 14, Number 1 (Spring 2008):
    Chick McKinney: Ad Man & Tarheel Fan; Preserving OAAA Audio-Visual History; News & Notes; New Acquisitions; Newly Available Collection Guides; Tracing Humor in Outdoor Advertising; New Pathfinders Available; Center Helps Local Addy Awards; Looking Back: Politics of Change; 2008 Travel Award Recipients Announced
  • Volume 13, Number 2 (Fall 2007):
    CHARM Conference at the Center; John W. Hartman (1923-2007) ; News & Notes; New Acquisitions; Newly Available Collection Guides; Margaret Fishback: A Collection Review; Exhibit Catalog wins Leab Award; Looking Back: Bowling for Fitness; Center Unveils Naming Opportunities
  • Volume 13, Number 1 (Spring 2007):
    A Tale of Two Birthdays; A Bounty of Billboards, Burgers and Books; News & Notes; Newly Available Collection Guides; Hartman Center Exhibit Displays Sex Appeal; Center Hosts Ad Club Meeting; Looking for Advertising Annuals; Looking Back: iVinyl?; Rick Pollay Donates Three Collections
  • Volume 12, Number 2 (Fall 2006):
    Exhibit Highlights Atlantic City Signs and Scenes; Center Acquires Papers of Newspaper Scholar Leo Bogart; News & Notes; Design, Demographics & Executive Donations; Newly Available Collection Guides; Inside the Hartman Center with Researcher Clive Challis; Kudos; CHARM 2007 — Call for Papers; 40 Years of Super Bowl Advertising; Marketing Visionary and American Dreamer: Stanley C. Marshall
  • Volume 11, Number 1 (Summer 2005):
    Margaret Fishback Papers Document A Prolific Career; Jacqueline Reid Appointed New Hartman Center Director; "The Birth of Peace Corps Advertising: A Look Inside the Sheldon B. Sosna Papers; OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) Archives and ROAD (Resource of Outdoor Advertising Descriptions) Available; Looking Back: Celebrating the Mustang
  • Volume 10, Number 2 (Fall 2004):
    Center Director Ellen Gartrell McGeorge Retires; David B. McCall Papers Illuminate A Remarkable Life; Hartman Center Timeline; Looking Back: Marketing the Vote, 1968 and Now
  • Volume 10, Number 1 (Spring 2004):
    New Initiative Builds Salesmanship Collection (Salesmanship and Sales Training Literature Collection); Executives, Artists, Teachers, and Agencies Make Gifts; Outdoor Industry Collection Now Available; Looking Back: Saluting a Century of Ford; Bates Bonanza Benefits Hartman Center (Bates Archives to Center)
  • Volume 9, Number 2 (Summer 2003):
    Unique, Illustrated Encyclopedia of Advertising Debuts: Hartman Center Provided Illustrations; Gene Federico Papers Highlight Distinguished Career; Diversity Remains Key Feature of Center Collecting; Grant Project Completion Puts Outdoor Advertising 'Out There' For All to Use" (Archives of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America); Looking Back: "A Salute to Wings" (Wright Brothers Centennial)
  • Volume 9, Number 1 (Winter 2003):
    Ten Years Old and Thriving (Hartman Center Tenth Anniversary Celebration); Variety Adds Spice to Hartman Center; Warehouse Work is Advertising Archival Adventure
  • Volume 8, Number 1 (Spring 2002):
    New Website Debuts: Medicine and Madison Avenue; JWT Worldwide Executive Group Visits Archives; New Acquisitions: "How Does the Hartman Center Grow?; Center Hosts CHARM (Conference on Historical Analysis and Research in Marketing), May 17-20, 2001; Looking Back: Do National Causes Need Slogans? (1945 War Bonds Advertisement); Website Documents Beginning of U.S. Ad Industry (Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850-1920, Website Debut)
  • Volume 7, Number 2 (Fall 2000):
    NEH Grants Support to Archives of Outdoor Advertising; New Acquisitions: Growth Continues With Many Gifts; Valuable Source for Research, Business, and Teaching; Looking Back: Olympic Tie-In Not New in Ads (1925 Paris Olympics); Hartman Center Staff Gains Local Expertise
  • Volume 6, Number 2 (Fall 1999):
    Ad*Access Opens With 7,000 Digital Ads; More Catalogs, More Videos, More Everything; Student Employees Contribute Personality and Experience; Looking Back: Who Was the Original Lucky Strike Girl?; Marketing Files Cover 45 Years, Provide Valuable Resource" (McGraw Hill Marketing Information Center Archives)
  • Volume 6, Number 1 (Spring 1999):
    Center Adds Wells Rich Greene Archives; New Acquisitions: Cars, Cookbooks, and CDs Build Collections; Looking Back: Revisiting World War II in ADS; New Staff Bring Expertise to Center; The Perfect Woman: 100 Years in the Making Library Exhibit
  • Volume 5, Number 1 (Summer 1998):
    Library of Congress/Ameritech Grant to Hartman Center (Emergence of Advertising in America); Pin Drops and Papers: JWT's Sprint Documents Added; New Acquisitions: Posters, Pictures, Videos, and Books Enhance Collection; Looking Back: Road Rage - 1950s Style; Center to Provide Pictures For Encylopedia of Advertising
  • Volume 4, Number 2 (Winter 1998):
    Tableau Shows Six Decades of Billboard Styles; World Wide Web to Provide Ad*Access; New Acquisitions: Videos, Paintings, and Smokey Bear Help Collections Grow; Now We Are Four: Hartman Center Staff Grows; Looking Back: Kraft Advertising in JWT Archives; "Friends Respond to Drive For New Members
  • Volume 4, Number 1 (Spring/Summer 1997):
    'Lost' Faulkner Television Scripts Located at Duke (Faulkner Scripts on Microfilm in JWT Archives); New Acquisitions: Multimedia Additions Enhance Center's Holdings; More Collections Now Ready For Research; Hints From the Past Still Germane? (1858 Hints to Advertisers in Harper's Weekly CD-ROM); Looking Back: "Selling Kodak" (The Kodak Salesman monthly serial, Wayne P. Ellis Collection of Kodak Advertising)
  • Volume 3, Number 2 (Fall/Winter 1996):
    Hartman Center Goes Outdoors in a Big Way: Outdoor Advertising Association of America Presents Archives to Duke; Looking Back: A Century Old Rock (Prudential Insurance Advertising, The Prudential Has the Strength of Gibraltar Slogan); From the Mouths of Babes: Elementary School Class Visit; New JWT Archives Booklet Available: J. Walter Thompson: An Advertising Archive and A Place in History, Hartman Center Publication; JWT Fellows Study International Advertising
  • Volume 3, Number 1 (Spring/Summer 1996):
    JWT Frankfurt Archives Provide Global View; Hartman Center Continues To Enrich Its Resources; Rediscovering Advertising Case Histories": Advertising Case History Collection; Looking Back: B.L.: Before Lindbergh (Airplanes as Sales Tool, Sales Management magazine); New Charter Members Join Hartman Center Friends
  • Volume 2, Number 1 (Spring/Summer 1995):
    New Acquisitions: Collecting Continues; Hartman Center Noted in Adweek; Center Establishes Friends Group; Endowment Fund Begun For Center; Council on Advertising History Pursues Its Goals; Looking Back: It Was the Worst of Times... (1929 Founding of Benton & Bowles); "Gifts Match J. Walter Thompson Archives Fund Challenge; HCSAMH World Travels Continue; Surfing in the Hartman Center?" (New Center Website)
  • Volume 1, Number 1 (Fall/Winter 1994):
    High Schooler Wins Grant to Study Advertising Women; Highlights of Recent Acquisitions; Traveling the World in Search of Sales, Advertising and Marketing History; Expanding the Hartman Team; On the Road to Indianapolis: Society of American Archivist's Annual Conference; Hartman Center In Print and On the Air; Looking Back: Miss Rheingold Contest (Rheingold Beer Advertising, Liebmann Breweries); Teaching By Using