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Duke University has access to a number of resources to help anyone studying German cinema.  These include print and online resources.

Print Resources

One method of finding print resources about German film is to browse the online catalog.  Follow these steps to browse.

       1. Open the Duke Library Catalog, and chose Advanced Search at the top of your screen.
       2. Click on the "Browse an Alphabetical List" link on the left side of the screen.
       3. On the "Select index to browse" pull down menu, choose "Subject (All)"
       4. Enter one of these subject headings to begin browsing books:

  • Motion pictures - Germany
  • Motion pictures - Germany - History
  • Motion pictures - Germany (East)
  • Motion pictures - Germany (West)

Another method is to browse the physical collection of books about German film at Lilly Library.

  • Library of Congress Call Numbers: PN 1993.5 and PN 1998.5
    More recent books about German film will be located under these call numbers, on the second floor stacks at Lilly.

To help you get started, here is a selected list of print resources on German cinema at Lilly Library. These books can be found on the second floor stacks at Lilly, but please check the Duke Library Catalog to make sure the book is available.

  • DEFA: East German Cinema, 1946-1992 - edited by Sean Allan and John Sandford (1999)     PN1999.D4 D34 1999

         This collection of essays discusses the history of East Germany's state-run film company, DEFA, which produced over 750 films. Some scholars have dismissed DEFA's films as propagandistic, but these writers argue for the value of this cinema and the quality of many of its films and directors.

  • From Caligari to Hitler: A Psychological History of the German Film - Sigfried Kracauer (1947)     PN1993.5 G3 K7 1947

        A classic work of film history that draws connections between the aesthetics of German film and the psychological state of the German people during the Weimar era, 1919-1933. Includes an introduction by film historian Leonardo Quaresima to help place the work in context.

  • The German Cinema Book - edited by Tim Bergfelder, Erica Carter and Deniz Göktürk (2002)     PN1993.5 G3 G47 2002

        A series of essays by a variety of film critics and historians that covers five areas - Popular Cinema, Stars, Institutions and Cultural  Contexts, Cultural Politics and Transnational Connections. This collection is a good way to explore the various issues and themes of German cinema.

  • German Expressionist Films: Pocket Essentials - Paul Cooke (2002)     PN1993.5 G3 C66 2002

        This pocket guide provides plot summaries, cast and crew information, analysis and brief reviews for 19 important German Expressionist films. The author also provides short biographies for the three of the most influencial directors in this genre - Fritz Lang, F.W. Murnau, and G.W. Pabst.

  • German National Cinema - Sabine Hake  (2002)   PN1993.5 G3 H28 2008

        A comprehensive history of German film from 1895-2000 with illustrations of films, stars and directors throughout. The author examines German film as various "types" of cinemas, including art cinema, popular cinema, and political cinema.

  • Popular Cinema of the Third Reich - Sabine Hake (2001)    PN1995.9 N36 H34 2001

        An indepth look into the films created between 1933 and 1945, the years the Nazis were in power in Germany. This book also examines the impact of this propagandistic cinema post-World War II, but concentrates on the popular, rather than political, elements of Nazi cinema such as stars, directors, genres and aesthetics.

Online Resources

Berlinale - The official site of the Berlin International Film Festival, held annually. Available in both German and English.

Deutscher Filmpreis - Official site for the annual film prizes given by the German Film Academy. (In German)

German Cinema: A Selected Bibliography of Readings - A huge bibliography of resources on German Cinema, compiled by the University of California-Berkeley. One of the most helpful features is that it includes a section on works about individual filmmakers.

German Cinema on Video : Resources for Collection Development and Scholarship - An extensive list of online resources for those studying German film, also compiled by UC-Berkeley. Includes links for sites about specific directors. A good starting point for researching German cinema online.

The German-Hollywood Connection -  This site contains essays on German films, filmmakers and stars, as well as essays exploring the influence of German film on Hollywood. Includes a list of links to other sites about German cinema.

Germany Info - Film - This site, created by the U.S. German Embassy, provides a helpful overview of the history of German cinema, along with some information about the current state of the country's cinema. Also includes many links to useful sites in English and German.