Staff Person Ask me about
Nathaniel Brown Nathaniel Brown
Manager, Lilly Library Access & Delivery Services
(919) 660-5991
  • Getting a student job at Lilly
  • Searching for a missing book
  • Requesting materials from other libraries
Lauren Crowell
Fines Coordinator and Facilities Liaison
(919) 660-5921
  • Your library fines
  • Reserving a room
  • Getting a graduate student locker

Jamie Keesecker
(919) 660-5989

  • Requesting books from other libraries
  • Music Library stacks management
  • Music library student assistants manager
Media and Reserves Coordinator

  • Placing books and films on Reserve
  • Finding films in Lilly
  • Digitizing film for course Reserves
  Carol Terry
Communications & Social Media, Collection Services
(919) 660-5993
  • Keeping up with Lilly news and events
  • Student engagemernt with East Campus Libraries
  • All the exhibits at Lilly

Research Support

Staff Person Ask me about
Kelley Lawton
Head, East Campus Libraries
(919) 660-5990
  • Researching U.S. History
  • Recommending new Current Literature books at Lilly
  • Searching online reference collections
  • Meeting your Residence Hall Librarian
  Danette Pachtner
Librarian for Film, Video & Digital Media and Women's Studies
(919) 660-5886
  • Recommending films for the collections
  • Requesting videos for courses
  • Researching Womens' Studies and Film Studies
Lee Sorensen Lee Sorensen
Visual Studies Librarian
(919) 660-5994
  • Selecting the best sources for images
  • Using the scanners in Lilly
  • Finding dance resources
Greta Boers Greta Boers
Librarian for Classical Studies. and
the Duke Linguisitics Program
(919) 660-5864
  • Researching Classical Studies
  • Serving on  the First Year Library Advisory Board
  • Her Afrikaans language classes in the German Department
Ira king Ira King
Librarian, Evening Desk Supervisor
(919) 660-9465
  • Using and finding resources in Lilly
  • Assistance during evenings Sundays - Thursdays
  • Where to find coffee
   Carson Holloway
Librarian for History of Science & Technology, Military History, British & Irish Studies, General World History
(919) 660-5997
  • Using Web of Science
  • Discovering local Durham history
  • Citing with Endnote or Zotero