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David Felton


Jeremy Martin
(919) 660-5887


Sarah Griffin
(919) 660-6937

Currently on Reserve at Lilly

Current Reserves at Lilly

For Instructors

Place Items on Reserve

  • "Place Items on Reserve" links to the request form for all formats of reserve materials and locations
  • Fill out a separate form for each format
  • Allow sufficient time for processing so that items are available when students need to access them; for example, provide at least 5 business days for Streaming Video requests

Lilly Formats for Reserves

Streaming video

  • Request films to be made available to your students in streaming video format
  • Films remain available for the current semester (and need to be re-requested each semester)


  • Individual films can be placed on Reserve at Lilly Library; these need to be watched in-house with a 3-hour loan period

Classroom Showings (Request Lilly Films/Videos to show in class - DVDs, 16mm, etc.)

  • Reserve a film/video to show in class on a specific date (even titles on Reserve for your own class)

Books (physical copies)

  • Choose one reserve location per course so students may find materials easily

E-Reserves (online access)

  • Please note that service and support for E-Reserves is based in Perkins Library
  • Lilly staff route completed forms and corresponding materials to Perkins Library

About E-Reserves

  • E-Reserves, or Electronic Reserves are course readings that are accessible to Duke users registered in a specific class

About Lilly Textbook Reserves

About Lilly Book Reserves

  • Ask for these items at the public service desk
  • Loan periods are designated by instructor (3-hour, overnight, etc.)
  • Books do not need to remain in the building

About Lilly Film Reserves

  • Ask for films on Reserve at the public service desk
  • 3-hour loan period
  • Items on Reserve need to be viewed in the building