We have standalone document cameras (HoverCams) available for researchers to use in our reading room. HoverCams attach to your Mac or Windows computer and allow you to save images directly to your laptop. 

1. Download and install the software

Hovercam offers their Flex 10 software for Windows and Macs. Visit their website to download the software for your operating system. 

Follow on-screen installation instructions after software downloads.

2. Connect and Configure the HoverCam

Connect the HoverCam to your laptop via USB cable and open Flex 10 Software. Here is what you will see on a Windows computer. It will look slightly different on a Mac. 

 hovercam softward on opening

Click Settings hovercam settings icon  on the bottom right corner of the menu.

Use the Archive tab to choose what folder you want to save your images to. If you make a change, you'll need to click save, then close and restart the HoverCam Flex10 software.

 hovercam save settings

Use the Scan tab to set your file  preferences:

  • File Name Convention assigns file names
  • Extension Format determines image type. The options are jpg, png, tif, bmp, gif,and pdf. 

scan settings

3. Take Images 

The menu at the bottom of the screen allows you to control the camera. 

hovercam camera settings

Click on Snapshot snapshot icon to take and save the image.

Other advanced options:

  • Split screen: View the live image through the camera lens alongside the still image you take 
  • Multi Scan: Add each image you take to a single pdf 
  • Zoom, Focus, Control, and Cropping: Manipulate the image before you take it

4. Review your Images

Click the expand icon  expand icon  on the left side of the screen to view thumbnails of the images you haven taken.


thumbnail view

Choose Go to Archive go to archive button to view the images on your hard drive.