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What can your Residence Hall Librarian do for you?

  • Keep you informed with periodic e-mail messages highlighting resources and programs, like study breaks and extended Library hours during exam weeks
  • Answer your questions about Library services, like borrowing technology, citing sources, and requesting materials from other libraries
  • Assist you with your research assignments by helping you identify the best sources and formulate search strategies
  • Connect you with library specialists across all subject areas
  • Support you even when you’re not on campus—for example if you’re on break
  • Help you when you don’t know where to start or can’t think of what to do next!

Lee Sorensen

Lee Sorensen

Librarian for Visual Studies and Dance, Lilly Library

Lilly Library

Office: Lilly Library
Phone: 919.660.5994
Mailbox: Box 90725 Durham, NC 27708-0175

Lee is librarian for the visual arts-architecture, art, photography and dance. He has worked at Duke for more years than most first-year students have been alive. As a pre-major advisor for over ten years, he knows a lot of people in a lot of departments, so he's always good for a referral. Lee considers himself to be a general reference librarian who specializes in research paper triage. He loves poking around in new databases, finding images (aka "visual information") and helping find quick statistics to improve student projects.

Likes: creativity, change for change's sake, fixing things that aren't broken, dogs. Hates: dorky ringtones, standing on the east/west bus, bubble-gum breath. Claim to fame: "I have never in my life told a student he/she should have started a paper earlier." Er spricht ein bischen Deutsch/sta imparando l'italiano.