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The Hartman Center depends upon the generosity of individual and corporate benefactors for financial support. Most of its holdings have been received as gifts or acquired with support from donors.  Contact us if you or your organization is interested in contributing to the center's holdings or supporting its programs in other ways.


To find out if your collection, books, or other materials are appropriate gifts for the Hartman Center, please contact the director.

Financial Gifts

Naming Opportunities

Since the arrival of the J. Walter Thompson (JWT) Archives at Duke University in 1987 and the subsequent founding of the Hartman Center five years later, the center has grown by leaps and bounds with the addition of new collections, staff and researcher interest.  In 1992, Duke alumnus John W. Hartman committed funding that made a reality out of the vision of a center dedicated to documenting advertising, sales and marketing.  Building on these achievements, we have ambitious goals for acquiring new collections and promoting their use in a digital environment, all of which creates ongoing ways for donors to be a lasting part of the Hartman Center.

To recognize leadership gifts that help the Hartman Center achieve its goals and fulfill its mission, the center can name programs (including travel grants and fellowships for researchers), graduate student internships and staff positions in honor of corporate or individual donors or persons they wish to honor.  Possibilities can be tailored to specific advertising themes related to Hartman Center collecting as well.  To discuss these naming opportunities, contact Hartman Center Director Jacqueline Reid Wachholz at (919) 660-5836 or


The Hartman Center has been a training ground for numerous people who want to gain experience working with rare materials that focus on advertising. Learn more about how you can help.