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FOARE Fellowship in Outdoor Advertising 

Dr. Brent Malin, Faculty in Department of Communication, University of Pittsburgh, "Ordinary and Necessary: A History of the American Tax Deduction for Advertising."

John Furr Fellowship for JWT Research

Dr. Sarah Arnold, Faculty in Dept. of Media, Maynooth University, "Television, Technology, and Gender: New Platforms and New Audiences."

Rachel Kirby, Ph.D. Candidate, American and New England Studies Program, Boston University, "Southern Agricultural Products and Their Representation in Visual and Experiential Forms."

James McElrowy, Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of History, University of Minnesotta, "Racial Segmentation and Market Segregation: The Late Twentieth Century History of the American Supermarket, 1960-1990."

Alvin Achenbaum Travel Grants

Mark Bartholomew, University of Buffalo School of Law, "Advertising Outrage and It's Legal Regulation."

Shayan Lallani, Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of History, University of Ottowa, "Cultural Globalization in the Caribbean: Dining and the American Middle-Class Turn in Cruise Ship Tourism, 1920-2016."

Adam Mack, Faculty in Dept. of Liberal Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, "Limitless: Supermarkets and the Dilemma of Choice, 1975-Present."

Emily Morgan, Dept. of Art and Visual Culture, Iowa State University, "Imaging Animal Industry: Visualizing the American Meat Packing Trade, 1890-1980."

Robert Terrell, Dept. of History, Syracuse University, "The People's Drink: The Politics and Culture of German Beer in the Twentieth Century."

Emily Westkaemper, Dept. of History, James Madison University, "Career Women: Image and Reality in U.S. Popular Culture, 1940-2000." 


FOARE Fellowship in Outdoor Advertising

Dr. Amy Clarke, Faculty of Arts, Business and Law, University of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

"Big Things in North America: Kitsch, Commercial, Communal?"


John Furr Fellowship for JWT Research

Ela Miljkovic, Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of History, University of Houston

"The Air Particles we Breath: The Rise of Polluted Mexico City and its Transborder Effects"

Pablo Pryluka, Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of History, Princeton University

"Consumption, Advertising, and Social Mobility in Latin America During State-Led Industrialization (1930-1980)

Susmita Das, Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Communications Research at University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

"In a Country Like Ours: A Colonial History of Modern Advertising in India, 1920-1970" 


Alvin A. Achenbaum Travel Grants

Dr. Annessa Babic,  American Studies, SUNY Old Westbury

"Safety for Our Souls: Food Activism and the Environmental and Women's Movements, 1960s- 1990s"

Dr. Emily Stoehrer, Rita J. Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan Curator of Jewelry, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

"Jewelry in Celebrity Culture: Hollywood, Fashion, and the Business of Glamour.

Jaclyn Schultz, Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of History, University of California-Santa Cruz

"Learning the Values of a Dollar: Childhood and Cultures of Economy in the U.S., 1825-1900"

Dr. Jennifer Greenhill, Dept. of Art History, University of Southern California

"The Commercial Imagination: American Illustration and the Advent of the Pictorial Advertising Age"

Dr. Jennifer Scanlon, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program, Bowdoin College

"Paula Green and the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union Campaigns"

Dr. William Camp, Dept. of History, Clemson University

"Consumerism, Consumption, and Women in the United States, 1960s-1980s"


FOARE Fellowship in Outdoor Advertising

Daniel Story, Dept. of History, Indiana University

"Ready to Believe: The Rise of Advertising in Capitalist America, 1860-1920"


John Furr Fellowship for JWT Research

Dr. Philip Tiemeyer, Dept. of History, Kansas State University

"Aerial Ambassadors: National Airlines and U.S. Power in the Jet Age, 1945-1991"

Alexandra Lemos Zagonel, Latin American History Dept., Emory University

"The Emergence of Alternative Political Identities and Youth Subcultures in Authoritarian Brazil, 1964-1985"


Alvin A. Achenbaum Travel Grants

Oren Bracha, University of Texas at Austin School of Law

"The Rise of the Modern Brand-Name Economy, 1875-1950"

Dr. James West, School of History, University of Birmingham

"Selling Black History: Capitalism, Consumer Activism, and Corporate Responsibility in Postwar America"

Dr. Wendy Woloson, Dept. of History, Rutgers University-Camden

"Crap: A History of America's Romance with Cheap Goods"

Jennifer Hessler, Dept. of Film and Media Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

"The Nielsen Ratings: From Audimeter to Big Data"

Takahito Moriyama, Dept. of History, Florida State University

"Empire of Direct Mail: Conservative Political Consultants in New York, 1950-1980"


FOARE Fellowship in Outdoor Advertising

Francisco Mesquita, Fernando Pessoa University, Portugal

"History and Evolution of Outdoor Advertising Technology"


John Furr Fellowship for JWT Research

Jeremiah Favara, University of Oregon

"Representations of Gender, Race, and Class in Armed Services Recruitment Advertising"


Alvin A. Achenbaum Travel Grants

Dr. Megan Elias, Borough of Manhattan Community College

"Be His Guest: Conrad Hilton and the Birth of the Hospitality Industry"

Dr. Sara Elvins, History, University of Manitoba

"Advertising, Processed Foods, and Changing Notions of Skill in American Home Baking, 1940-1990"

Alison Feser, Anthropology, University of Chicago

"After Analog: Photochemical Life in Rochester, New York"

Spring Greeney, Environmental History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Line Dry: An Environmental History of Doing the Wash, 1841-1992"

Elizabeth Castaldo Lunden, Media Studies, Stockholm University

"Oscar's Red Carpet: Celebrity Endorsement from Local to Global (A Media History)."

Eric Martell, History, SUNY-Albany

"Kodak in Latin America in the 20th Century"


FOARE Fellow

Dr. Victoria Grieve, Dept. of History, Utah State University

"Childhood and the Ideology of Domestic Security: Advertising During the Cold War"


John Furr Fellow

Cari Casteel, History of Technology, Auburn University

"The Odor of Things: Deodorant, Gender, and Olfaction in the United States, 1888-2010"


Alvin A. Achenbaum Travel Grants


Dr. Makeda Best, Dept. of Visual Studies, California College of the Arts

"Sensing Memory: Kodak Cameras, Class, the Haptic, and the Labor of Memory in Late Nineteenth Century America"

Dr. Einav Rabinovitch-Fox, Visiting Scholar, Institute of Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Columbia University

"Ad Women in a (Mad) Men World: Negotiating Gender in the Advertising Business, 1910-1930"

Dr. Rebecca Sheehan, United States Studies Center, University of Sydney

"The Rise of the Superwoman: How Sex Remade Gender in America's Long 1970s"

Dr. Mark Tadejewski, Professor of Marketing, Durham University

"Jean Kilbourne: Recalling the Contributions of a Feminist Critic of Advertising"



Kira Lussier, Institute for the History of Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto

"Managing Your Self: Personality Testing in Corporate America, 1960-Present"

Seth Tannenbaum, Dept. of History, Temple University

"Take Me Out...To the Concession Stand: Baseball, Food, and Citizenship in the Twentieth Century"

Dana Alsen, Dept. of History, University of Alabama

"Changing Patterns of Food Consumption in North Carolina, 1945-1989"



FOARE Fellows

Craig Lee, Department of Art History, Univeristy of Deleware

"Letter Building: Signage, Supergraphics, and the Rise of the Semiotic Structure in Modern American Architecture"

Daniel Towns, Department of History, Stanford University 

"The View and the Value: Historical Geography of Signs in San Francisco"


John Furr Fellow

Lisa Haushoffer, Department of History, Harvard University

"Edible Health: 'Health Foods' in Science, Industry and Culture in Britain and the United States, 1884-1950"


Alvin A. Achenbaum Travel Grants


Dr. Cynthia Meyers, Department of Communications, College of Mount Saint Vincent

"Advertising Agencies and the Decline of Sponsorship in the Network Television Era"

Dr. Cristina Ziliani, Economics, University of Parma, Italy

"Premium Sales Promotions: A History of Practice and Research, 1890-1990"



Cara Fallon, Department of History, Harvard University

"The Emerging Concept of Healthy Aging in the United States, 1920-1990

Catherine Hennessey Wolter, Musicology, University of Iliinois, Urbana-Champaign

"Sound Conversions in Print: A Cultural History of the Player Piano and Early Radio in America Through the Lens of Print Media"

Kelly Jones, History of Medicine, State University of New York - Stony Brook

"'New Hope for Headache Sufferers': Pain and its Control in Advertisements for Headache Remedies, 1950s - 1970s"


Independent Scholar

Daniel McKay

"Trading Fears: Marketing the 'Japan Brand' to American Tourists and Consumers"


FOARE Fellows

Elizabeth Semler, History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Minnesota

“Got Milk?:  Dairy Advertising and Scientific Authority in the late 20th Century”

Zoe Sherman, Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“The Commodification of Audience Attention in the U.S., 1865-1920”


John Furr Fellows

Ai Hisano, History, University of Delaware

“A History of Food Color in the United States, 1880s-1970s”

Prof. Cristina Sanchez-Blanco, Media Management, University of Navarra (Spain)

“Advertising Account Planning at JWT”



Andrew Case, Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“’Dear Friend’ Direct Mail Marketing and the Transformation of Buying and Selling in Postwar America”

Richard Popp, Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Direct Marketing, Communication Networks, and the Remaking of Consumer Culture, 1960-2000”


Independent Scholars

Franchesca Russello Ammon, American Academy of Arts & Sciences

“Culture of Clearance:  Waging War on the Landscape of Postwar America”

Kristi Whitfield Johnson

“Canning Foods and Selling Modernity:  The Canned Food Industry and Consumer Culture, 1898-1945”



Leslie Anderson, Political Science, University of California-Merced (Honorable Mention)

“The Politics of Domesticity”

Mary Bridges, International Relations, Yale University

Global infrastructure of US business activities, 1910s-1940s

Jessica Kay Burch, History, Vanderbilt University

“’Soap and Hope’:  Culture, Capitalism, and Direct Sales in Post-World War II America”



JWT Fellows

Philippa Houghton, History, Durham University (UK)

“Modern British Advertising, 1923-1954”

Karen Robert, History, St. Thomas University (Canada)

“Selling the Falcon:  Nationalism, Progress, and Politics in Ford Marketing Strategies, Argentina, 1961-1991”



Marcia Chatelain, History, Georgetown University

“A Taste of Freedom:  African-American Dining Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights”

Sue Collins, Humanities, Michigan Technological University

“Calling All Stars:  Hollywood, Cultural Labor, and the Politics of Cultural Authority During World War I”

Brenda Elsey, History, Hofstra University

“The Cultural History of Pan-Americanism in Latin America, 1914-1923”

Anna Schmidt, History, Max Plank Institute for Human Development (Germany)


Shalini Shankar, Anthropology and Asian American Studies, Northwestern University

“Creating Model Consumers:  Producing Race, Gender, and Class in Asian American Advertising”


Independent Scholar

Mary Warlick, The One Club for Art & Copy, Inc.

“The Real Men and Women of Madison Avenue – Their Impact on American Culture”



Dina Gold, New York University

“The Memorandum as Creative Management in Advertising Agencies, 1950-1970”

Bryce C. Lowery, Public Policy, University of Southern California

“The Consumable Landscapes of Los Angeles:  How the Spatial Ecology of Outdoor Advertising Influences Quality of Life”

Loren Miller, History, American University

“Glamorous G.I. Girls:  Constructing Servicewomen’s Identities During World War II”

Rochelle Pereira-Alvares, History, University of Guelph (Canada)

 Marketing and advertising initiatives of Hiram Walker and Seagram



JWT Fellows:

Lisa Sumner: Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University
“The Influence of US Advertising in Canada”

Alex Taylor: Art History, Oxford University
“The Role of Abstraction in Advertising Cultures of the 1960s”



Elise Chenier: Department of History, Simon Fraser University
“Society Women and the Creation of Self-Identity Through Spectacle and Consumption to Become Modern”

Janet Golden: Department of History, Rutgers University
“The History of American Babies”

Laresh Jayasanker: Department of History, Carroll University
“Food Culture and Globalization in America.”

Catherine Keyser: Department of English, University of South Carolina
“The History of the Advertising of Artificial Flavors and Food Sciences”


Independet Scholar

Leif Frederickson: Missoula, MT
“From Public Pedagogy to Business Branding: The development of Green Advertising, 1950-1995”



Joseph Malharek: American Studies, George Washington University
“The Appeal of Advertising as a Medium to Demographic and Social Groups, and as a Contributer to Their Formation ”

Laura Phillips: Department of History, University of Virginia
“Marketing of the Fair Trade Message”

Elliott Weiss: Department of History, University College, UK
“The role of Advertising in the Stimulation of a Mid-Century Yearning for Pushbutton Living



JWT Fellows

Ferdinando Fasce: Department of Modern and Contemporary History, University of Genoa
“JWT Italy between Reconstruction and the First Oil Shock, from the late 1940s through the 1970s”

Eva von Wyl: Social and Economic History, University of Zurich
“Rationalization, Self-Service and American Way of Life: American Eating Habits in Postwar Switzerland (1950-1970)”



Shannan Clark: Department of History, Montclair State University
“The Creative Class: White-Collar Workers and the Making of America’s Culture of Consumer Capitalism”

Liza Featherstone: Journalism School, New York University; School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
“Behind The Mirror: Focus Groups and What They Reveal, 1930s to present”

Michelle Ferranti: Division of Fine and Performing Arts, Marymont Manhattan College
“History of Women’s Motivations for Douching following the Medicalization of Birth Control in the U.S.”

Ann McDonald: Department of Art Design, Northeastern University
“The Role of Publically Displayed Information Visualization in Eliciting Individual and Communal Action”

Ari Martin Samsky: Global Health Studies Program, University of Iowa
“Working Through Responsibility: Advertising, Medicine and The Social Good, World War II-the Present”



Abby Bartholomew: College of Journalism and Mass Communications, Advertising Department, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
“JWT’s Application of Psychological Principles to Advertising, the Work of John B. Watson and his Behaviorist Theories”

Rebecca Burditt: Program in Visual and Cultural Studies, Department of Art and Art History, University of Rochester
“Seeing Difference: Postwar Hollywood and the Commercial Delay”

Berti Kolbow: Institute for Economic and Social History, Georgia Augusta University Goettingen
“Transatlantic Transfers of Marketing Concepts between Eastman Kodak and Agfa, 1880-1945”

Shawn Moura: Department of History, University of Maryland
“Target Market Brazil: Postwar Advertising and Consumer Culture in the Country of the Future”

Cory Pillen: Department of Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“WPA Posters: A New Deal for Design, 1936-1943”

Elizabeth Spies: Department of English, University of California, Riverside
“Advertising Stigmatas: The Evolution of Poetic Advertising throughout the Twentieth Century, 1890-1980”



JWT Fellows

Christina Burr: Department of History, University of Windsor
“Lovely Lux Screen Stars and Dove's 'Real' Women: Global Consumer Culture, Gendered Modernity and Unilever's Personal Care Products, 1920s to the Present”

Bianca Gaudenzi: Department of History, University of Cambridge (UK)
“History of commercial advertising in Germany and Italy, 1918-1945: The Dynamics of Americanization and Repression during the Fascist and Nazi Regimes”



Alan Abbey: Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)/National University (San Diego, CA)
“Radio Free Europe and Popular Culture in the Cold War: Creating the 'In Sound From the Outside'”

Randy Jacobs: School of Communication, University of Hartford
“Adopting a Medium: Advertising Agencies and the Consideration of Radio Advertising, 1923-1934”

Dawn Nell: School of Management, University of Surrey
“The Coming of the Supermarket: Consumer reactions to a Retail Innovation in Britain, 1945-75”

Stav Rosenzwei: Marketing Department, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
“Innovation Advertising During Four Recessions”

Laurie Selleck: Visual Communications Department, Cazenovia College
“Revolution or Reaction?: Shedding the Grey Flannel Suit for Tie Dyes and Bellbottoms during Advertising's Creative Revolution 1950-1970”



Xinghua Li: Department of Communication Studies, The University of Iowa
“A Comparative Study of the Different Structures of Desire that Motivate Green Consumerism in the United States and China”

Virginia Myhaver: American and New England Studies Program, Boston University
“The 'New American Revolution': Cultural Politics and the 1976 American Bicentennial”

Jennifer Reut: Department of Architectural History, University of Virginia
“American Tourists and the Rebuilding of the Post-War European Landscape”

Audrey Russek: Department of American Studies, University of Texas at Austin
“I'll Have What He's Having: Cultural Desires, Anxieties, and Adventures in American Restaurants, 1900-1965”

Jenny Thai: Department of History, University of California, Berkeley
“Good Design is Good Business: U.S. Multinational Corporations and Visual Identity Programs, 1950-1980”

Jenifer Van Vleck: Department of History, Yale University
“No Distant Places: Aviation and American Globalism, 1924-1968”



JWT Fellows

Christopher Brick: Department of History, Brown University
“The Common Man’s Republic: Culture and Politics of Masculine Populism in America, 1930-1955”

Jason Petrulis: History Department, Columbia University
“Marketing the American Way, 1932-1948”



Judy Foster Davis: Department of Marketing, Eastern Michigan University
“The Viability of the Black Consumer Market by Mainstream Firms, 1945-1970”

Barbara Olsen: School of Business, State University of New York
“Advertising Strategies, Particularly Utilizing Status and Gender, and Comparison with JWT Strategies”

Arvind Rajagopal: Department of Media, Culture and Communication, New York University
“The Emergence and Transformation of an Indian Public Sphere (1920-1999)”

Kathleen Rooney: Department of English, Pacific Lutheran University
“The Life and Work of Margaret Fishback Antolini”

Rachel Snow: Fine Arts and Communication Studies Department, University of South Carolina Upstate
“Study of the marketing techniques of the Kodak Company ”


Independent Scholar

Nicole Rebec: Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, Department of History, Occidental College Los Angeles
“Ford Motor Co. Advertisements: Women and the Construction of Gender”



Lindsey Feitz: American Studies Program, University Kansas
“The Ford Campaign in Germany during the 1970s and 1980s”

Michael Staufenberg: Library & Information Sciences, Long Island University
“Perfect Picture Every Time: Marketing of Innovation and Quality in the Kodak Camera and Film Product Lines from 1912 to 1940”



JWT Fellow

Professor Elspeth Brown: History and Centre for Visual & Media Culture, University of Toronto
“History of commercial modeling in the US, 20th century”



Blaine Branchick:, School of Business, Quinnipiac University
“Gay male images in US print advertising, 1962-1990”

Michael Dawson: Sociology Department, Portland State University
“The history of automobile marketing, 20th century, with emphasis on 1945 to the present”

Melissa Homestead: English Department, University of Oklahoma and Professor Anne Kaufman: Department of Mathematics, Milton Academy
“The career of Edith L. Lewis, Women’s Editorial Dept. at the J. Walter Thompson Collection, early to middle 20th century”

Kevin Keenan: Mass Communication Department, American University in Cairo (Egypt)
“Examination of the relationships and responses of the advertising industry to public and news media criticisms during the 20th century”

James Kimble: Department of Communication, George Mason University
“Study of the War Advertising Council and Domestic Propaganda, 1941-1945”

Ellen Litwicki: History Department, SUNY Fredonia
“Gift giving in the US, c. 1880-1960, on rites of passage occasions (births, bar mitzvahs, weddings) with a focus on the impact of consumer culture on gifting practices and roles of gender & class in shaping gift giving.”

Michael Socolow: Department of American Studies, Brandeis University
“Study of negotiations between original radio networks, the federal government, and advertisers (1926-1948), analyzing many of the social, cultural and political issues raised by national radio”


Rhiannon Donaldson: History Department, University of Sydney (Australia)
“A study of Australian advertising and the advertising industry in World War II”

Adam Mack: History Department, University of South Carolina
“No ‘Cut-Rate Cornucopia’: Supermarkets and American Consumer Society, 1945-1970”

Sally Romano: School of Medicine, Yale University
“Review and analysis of the multiple and intersecting medical, social and cultural beliefs and the broader process of “medicalization” of the sun and the promotion of suntan lotions as preventive medicine”

Dawn Spring: Department of History, University of Cincinnati
“The Advertising Council’s role in promoting America’s cultural, economic and political Cold War strategies from the 1940s – 1960s”

Elizabeth Swift: Department of American Studies, University of New Mexico
“Construction of Elite Identity in Popular Visual Culture of the 1980s”


Independent Scholar

Arthur Funni: “Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy’s days on radio, 1937-1956”