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The following "nomes" (districts the size of New York City) are represented among the Duke papyri. In time-honored Egyptian fashion they are arranged from South to North (the way the Nile flows), so that Alexandria and the rest of the Mediterranean world follow at the end. For orientation consult the sketch map. Select an item to see images of the papyrus as well as the catalogue record describing the item.


The Great Oasis:

The Thinite nome:

The Panopolite nome:

The Antaeopolite nome:

The Apollonopolite nome (the one of which the capital is Apollonopolis Heptakomias):

The Lycopolite nome:

The Cussite nome:

The Hermopolite nome:

The Antinoite nome:

The Oxyrhynchite nome:

The Cynopolite nome:

The Heracleopolite nome:

The Arsinoite nome (or the Fayyum):

The Aphroditopolite nome:

The Memphite nome:

The Prosopite nome:

The Athribite nome:

The Pharbaithite nome:

The Mendesian nome:



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