We partner with researchers and instructors at Duke to supervise, mentor, and train graduate students in a range of project roles. Digital Scholarship Services graduate interns gain hands-on experience in planning and implementing digital projects. As members of the Digital Scholarship Services team, these students work and converse across disciplines to expand their professional skills. 

For questions about any of our open or upcoming internships (paid and unpaid), contact askdigital (at) duke.edu.

DH Assistantships

Field Experiences

Digital Publishing

Murthy Fellowship

Digital Humanities Graduate Assistantships

Now accepting applications for AY2019-2020 -- Individuals with experience in data visualization and digital mapping strongly encouraged to apply!

Duke University Libraries seek to hire graduate assistants to help with the design and development of innovative collaborative research projects and digital humanities projects at Duke. The assistants will have the opportunity to work closely with Duke faculty, students, and library staff to partner from the ground up, gaining hands-on experience in the interdisciplinary practices of the digital humanities. Day-to-day work may include gathering requirements, analyzing and visualizing humanities data, contributing to the development of software projects and web resources, researching and reporting on platforms and tools, advising faculty on technical matters, and serving as a liaison between principal investigators, library staff, and other project stakeholders.

Anyone with interest in the theory and practice of digital humanities, familiarity or competence with digital tools and methods, and prior experience with digital project development is welcome to apply. Experience or training in a modern programming language (R, Python, Ruby, JavaScript etc.), analytics tools, or database systems (e.g., MySQL) is helpful but not essential. Preferred qualifications also include an academic background in a humanities discipline, previous experience using digital technologies in the humanities, and an awareness of current digital humanities trends and projects. These positions require frequent one-on-one consultation and team collaboration, so excellent written, interpersonal, and oral communication skills are a must.

These assistantships are part of Duke's Humanities Unbounded grant, directly supporting its projects and the goals of that initiative. Research Assistants work approximately 10 hours per week through May 31, 2019, for a monthly stipend of $650, and report to the Data and Visualization Services and Digital Scholarship Services department heads or relevant departmental staff. 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until filled. To apply, submit a letter describing your interest in the position along with your resumé and contact information for two references to Joel Herndon (joel.herndon {at} duke.edu). Direct any questions to Joel Herndon (joel.herndon {at} duke.edu) or Liz Milewicz (liz.milewicz {at} duke.edu). 

Digital Scholarship Field Experiences

Positions for AY2019-2020 will be posted in mid-spring 2019 -- contact askdigital (at) duke.edu for more information on upcoming field experience positions.

Digital Scholarship Services offers 1-2 semester curricular-credit earning positions for graduate students (e.g., in Library and Information Science programs as well as for Digital Humanities certificates). These experiences help students to engage with current issues in digital scholarship, to contribute to library and campus conversations, and to develop best practices and recommendations, resources for training, and skills in researching and communicating with diverse audiences. As members of a project team, students in these field experiences often work across disciplinary, academic, and professional groups to solve problems in such areas as digital research, publishing, and curation.

Projects and work vary according to the Digital Scholarship Services department’s current portfolio of projects and students’ own skills and interests. Following are some examples of the kinds of field experience students might undertake:

  • coordinating and implementing outreach and assessment for a digital humanities project
  • documenting and improving workflows for a digital publication
  • creating and populating an image database 

Applications for field experiences include (1) a letter of interest, indicating areas of existing skill and knowledge as well as the kind of experience and development sought through a field experience, and (2) a current resumé indicating educational and work experience. Any interested student is welcomed to talk with Digital Scholarship Services staff about the field experience program ahead of submitting an application; send inquiries to askdigital {at} duke.edu.

Digital Publishing with Project Vox

Now accepting team member applications for 2019-2020! Apply through Duke Bass Connections,  https://bassconnections-duke.awardspring.com/ or contact askdigital (at) duke.edu. 

Project Vox is a digital publishing and pedagogical project focused on early modern women philosophers whose significant contributions to the field of philosophy have been ignored by the canon. By creating an open access resource, this project aims to aid and encourage incorporation of these women philosophers into Philosophy courses in all levels of education. This primarily student-run publication has a worldwide audience and is already having an impact on philosophy instruction. Student members of the team participate in all facets of producing Project Vox, from researching philosopher entries and translating original texts to promoting the site through social media and assessing use through web analytics and surveys. Team members represent a range of disciplinary and professional experience, and join the team through a variety of programs (e.g., Duke Bass Connections, Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative, field experiences with library science programs, and unpaid internships). For more information, contact projectvox (at) duke.edu or submit an inquiry through our online form

Harsha Murthy Fellowship in Digital Scholarship

Now accepting applications for AY2019-2020 --  Individuals with experience in social media and communication strongly encouraged to apply!

Duke University Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services department invites applications for its Harsha Murthy Fellowship in Digital Scholarship. The Murthy Digital Fellowship program provides graduate students with opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in the theory and practice of digital scholarship, primarily through the coordination and communication of workshops, events, and other programming in the Murthy Digital Studio in The Edge, as well as through close working relationships with faculty, other graduate students, and functional and content experts working in digital scholarship. This is a paid, nine-month, quarter-time position (19.5 hours per week) with flexible work hours. 


Duke Libraries Digital Scholarship Services department collaborates with researchers in the humanities and interpretive social sciences, at any level of study, to plan and build digital research projects. We supply consultation on technical matters, project management, and best practices for a wide range of technologically-engaged research. We also encourage learning and experimentation in digital scholarship through exploratory projects, programs of hands-on instruction, graduate student internships, and resources and programming in The Edge / Murthy Digital Studio.