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How do I reserve the Workshop Room?
Submit an online request form from The Edge's website. A staff member will be in touch with you soon to let you know whether we will be able to schedule your event in the space.
How do I request a Project Room?
Submit an online request from The Edge's website. These requests are reviewed regularly.
Why should I request a project room for my team — can't I just reserve one myself if I need it?
You can reserve some project rooms on an ad hoc basis online , or using the touchscreen or ipads available in The Edge, but these rooms tend to fill up as the semester goes on. Applying for a project room guarantees that you and your team will have a regular workspace. In addition, you'll be assigned a locked cabinet in the project room where you can store work items.
Where are other places I can go to study?
Collaborative and quiet study spaces are available throughout Perkins and Bostock Libraries, accommodating a range of users and uses. You can search for and reserve the place that meets your needs.
Who can use The Edge?
All Duke researchers (faculty, students, and staff) are welcome. During high-use times, preference and priority for spaces (like project rooms) and resources (like workstations) will be for researchers whose work requires access to places, expertise, and resources that are unique to The Edge.