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Fischer-Zernin Family Help Desk »

The Help Desk is a starting point for researchers using the space. The wall behind the Help Desk will have digital displays providing information about spaces and programs; the displays will also showcase data visualizations and other graphics related to current projects.

Jones Open Lab »

The large Open Lab provides space for individual and group work. The furniture is designed for mobility to facilitate informal gatherings of teams, and the walls here and throughout The Edge have an abundance of writable surfaces. Researchers will have access to productivity equipment including scanners, printers and color copiers as well as to portable projectors for use in the Open Lab.

Murthy Digital Studio »

The Digital Studio provides low-barrier, immediate access to tools and content for qualitative research organization and analysis, publishing and coding. Three stationary workstations, preloaded with or providing direct links to qualitative analysis software, PDF editing and annotation tools, OCR tools and multimedia research organization tools allow users to try out tools that they may incorporate into their digital research.

Visit the Murthy Digital Studio Website »

The Murthy Digital Studio

Resources available in the Murthy Digital Studio.

Brandaleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services »

The Lab provides expert assistance and a robust computing infrastructure for data-driven research projects involving data sources, data management and storage, data cleaning and analysis, GIS and mapping, and data visualization. The Lab includes 12 workstations, three Bloomberg terminals for the latest in financial data and news, and a flat panel display for small group consultation and collaborative project work.

Visit the Brandaleone Lab Website »

The Brandaleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services

View of the available workstations in the Brandaleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services.

Project Rooms »

There are nine Project Rooms, available in different sizes, intended for group research (not instruction or individual study). Each room is equipped with flat panel displays and laptop connections.

Read more about the Project Rooms »

The Edge Project Room

A group of students making use of a Project Room.

Workshop Room »

The Workshop Room is intended for training, presentations, and other events that promote interdisciplinary, team-based, data driven or digitally reliant research. This reservable event and program space offers flexibility for use and configuration with its rolling tables, chairs and writable work surfaces. The video and audio recording system will allow a talk to be recorded and placed on The Edge website for later viewing.

The Edge Workshop Room

A Lecture taking place in the Workshop Room.

The Lounge »

The Lounge across from the Workshop Room is a comfortable space for informal collaboration and for social events associated with workshops and presentations.

The Edge Lounge

A view of the seating available in the Lounge.

Staff + Consultation »

The staff and consultation spaces are equipped to facilitate research consultations, collaboration, and individual or small-group training.