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Request a project room

Complete this form to request a room for long-term shared use by a project team. 

    • schedule a recurring, regular work time for your research group
    • the room is available to other research groups outside your reserved time

Project Room in The Edge Project Rooms

There are nine project rooms available in The Edge. These rooms are intended for group research — they are not for instruction or individual study — and are available in three different sizes.

Reserve a project room:

Single Reservation
(ex. For group study or work)


  • Nine rooms available, in three different sizes: small (2-4 people), medium (6-8 people) and large (10-12 people)
  • Display screens for projecting from laptop or USB
  • Write-able walls
  • Lockers for short- or long-term storage

Project Room Use Policies

  • Priority is given to groups of two or more who have made reservations in advance.
  • Groups with reservations must have their reservation confirmation readily available.
  • Users without reservations must leave rooms when those with reservations are ready to use them.
  • Users have 15 minutes to claim their reserved room; after 15 minutes, the reservation will be cancelled, and the room will become available.
  • Groups may reserve a project room for up to three hours per day.
  • Users may not reserve rooms by placing personal belongings or library materials in them; such items will be moved to The Edge Help Desk.
  • Housekeeping staff must be allowed access the room to clean.