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  • Consumer Reports (Periodical): The flagship publication of Consumer Reports first published in May 1936
    Consumer Reports television test
    Consumer Reports engineers comparing picture quality on television consoles, 1961. Audiovisual Materials Collection, Consumer Reports Archive. 
  • Audiovisual Materials: Consists of non-print materials in a variety of formats: audio cassettes and tape reels; film; optical disks; phonograph disks; videocassettes and video reels. Materials document a range of activities at Consumer Reports, including: Consumer Reports' radio and television productions; footage of product testing; appearances of Consumer Reports personnel on news programs; mentions of Consumer Reports in the media; press releases and other publicity; recordings of staff and Board meetings and staff speeches; and taped testimonies. 
  • Consumer Newsletters Collection:  Collection includes newsletters, pamphlets and other printed materials produced by a range of North American consumer advocacy, education and protection organizations, both private, nongovernmental organizations and governmental agencies.
  • International Consumer Periodicals Collection: Collection includes magazines, newspapers, newsletters, pamphlets and other printed materials produced by consumer education and protection organizations, women's groups, housewives associations and other organizations. 49 principalities outside the United States are represented. Some materials are in English, but many are in the national language, occasionally with supplemental summaries of their contents in English.
  • Iconographic Materials: Collection includes: black-and-white and color photographic prints; contact sheets; cartoons and line art; graphic designs; magazine page layout art and designs; posters; slides; and other visual materials. Images depict products and product testing methods photographed for inclusion in Consumer Reports' magazines and other consumer education and protection publications; office, library and testing facilities in Mt. Vernon and Yonkers, N.Y.; staff and Board of Directors members; and corporate events. 
  • Oral History Project Records: The oral history project was organized by Sybil Shainwald and the staff of the Center for the Study of Consumer Movements (CSCM) to capture reminiscences of senior Consumers Union staff and others active in the consumer movement. The collection includes articles and clippings; audiocassettes; biographical sketches, lectures, speeches, and other background information; correspondence and memoranda; prject procedures and guidelines; prospective interviewee and contact lists; transcripts of recordings; workflow and legal release forms and other materials that document the establishment and operation of the oral history project.